Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cheats and Codes No. 2 Lego City Undercover

These are the cheat codes for Lego City Undercover. If I have missed any or made a mistake on one, please comment.

These cheat codes let you unlock more disguises to use in game including a Soccer Player, Racecar Driver, Roman Soldier, Samurai Warrior and my personal favourite, Gorilla Suit Guy. None of these disguises have any new abilities than their respective class except for being a lot more awesome. Use in the Police Station or the extras menu.
Racecar Driver: MHHRHM
Samurai Warrior: RJYZHC
Baseball Player: YCMWKP
Gorilla Suit Guy: XKGZVJ
Disguised Natalia Kowalski: HVGTPG
Roman Soldier: WRSKVC
Minotaur: SSVKCT
Classic Alien: CQSZBJ
Chan's Drakonas: DWJVCT
Pharaoh: NRRXYM
Karate Guy: MRPHVQ
Pop Star: CNCNRH
Footballer: SYFMWJ
Werewolf: GYSTQP

These codes unlock two more vehicles for you to use in game and are unlocked in the same way as the disguises. These vehicles can then be air lifted in at any Vehicle Drop Off sites. Chan's Drakonas is yet another sports car but it is one of the better-looking ones and if you use the code can be unlocked early on meaning getting round the first stages of Lego City Undercover should be much quicker. The Relocator, on the other hand, is a massive snow plough like vehicle with a huge rocket strapped to the back.Well, why not?  
Relocator Vehicle: VZHHDM
Chan's Drakonas Vehicle: DWJVCT

These codes (use any of the three) unlock special missions and should be used on the terminals in front of the garages at the police station. The garage on the left is a Robbery Arrest Mission and the one on the right is a Vehicle Stealing Mission. Both missions give you the vehicle that you used in the respective mission as a reward for completing it. The cars that you get are the Justice Car and Spirit Car, respectively.
Justice and red sports car: 3GCC7XR
High speed chase missions and vehicles: N7NN4F9

Goodbye for now, Harry


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