Saturday, 8 February 2014

App Review No. 39 4 Pics 1 Word

Strong Points:
Lots of pics
Hints are helpful
Daily hints help you get past difficulty spikes
Daily bonus gets you more coins

Weak Points:
Ads pop up all the time meaning that you can only do 3 or 4 pics before accidentally going to the app store
Some pics don't make any sense and so can have you stuck for ages

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 13 February, 2013

Press a letter to make it go in the boxes
Press a hint to get a hint

Let's start this review off with a puzzle. Please post your answers in the comments section.


Anyway, back to the review. The premise of the game is exactly what the title says, there are four pictures which all link to one word. You have a selection of letters in the bottom half of the screen which narrows down your choice of words considerably making the game much easier (and better) than if you had a choice of all 26 letters in the alphabet. You also have two hints: put a correct letter in the answer and bin some incorrect letters, the first hint costs 60 coins whereas the second one costs 80. You also have the option to post the puzzle to Facebook in the hope that some kind soul will help you.

Coins are earned from either finishing a puzzle or a daily bonus. The daily bonus consists of an extra puzzle which appears, you guessed it, daily. This can be quite helpful in getting coins as well as letting you scratch that Four Pics One Word itch if you're stuck on a puzzle. The final hint is done by waiting for a day and letting the game give you a free letter which means, if you're the stingy type that doesn't your hardearned coins to go, you can still get help in finishing a puzzle.

Finally, I must talk about the ads. Originally the game didn't have them, or at least as many of them, but now they pop up all the time forcing you to wait a few seconds in order to get rid of the ad, provided you don't accidentally press them. They're not even banner ads (although they are in the game as well) but pop ups which will force the unwary Four Picser to go all the way to the app store. This wouldn't be as bad if the ads had been there since the games release but they weren't. Soon enough, you will find yourself edging towards the ads off button and a £1.49 lighter wallet.

Overall, this is a nice little time waster which you can use when you have a spare five minutes or so but is let down by the amount of ads and the sometimes abstract links.

Rating: 63%

Goodbye for now, Harry

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Update: many, many, new puzzles and bug fixes/performance improvements. Also, 4 Pics 1 Word is now iOS 8 ready!

Lots of new puzzles!
Brand new daily challenges!
New challenges - solve puzzles to win achievements!
New Daily Puzzles with cool monthly themes!
Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!
Fixed an issue with Daily Challenge
Fixed a bug which prevented some users from downloading additional levels
Fixed an issue on iPad
Optimizations for iOS 9 
Christmas updates - Christmas themed Daily Challenges, sounds and graphics
Ask your friends for help through Facebook Messenger
More ways to share puzzles so as to get help from your friends

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