Wednesday, 5 February 2014

App Review No. 37 Temple Run 2

Strong Points:
Good graphics
Good soundtrack
Nice endless runner
Changes to the gameplay make it less tedious
Minecart, rope and water sections are nice
Characters now give different boosts
Powerups when you get enough coins is better than a score multiplier
Daily challenges as well as better objectives and a levelling system (giving you rewards) makes you want to keep playing
Artefacts add even more bragging rights

Weak Points:
Upgrades are still quite expensive
Can lag in places
Can get repetitive
Some characters can only be unlocked with real money

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 17th January 2013

Use your finger to slide and jump as well as turn sharp corners
Use your finger to to duck in minecart and in river
Use the Smartphones gyroscopes to collect coins and dodge obstacles, swing along rope and turn minecart

Apparently, our intrepid adventure Guy Dangerous couldn't keep his hands off the evil demonic monkey's treasure and is back for more! This time, however, he has awoken the big brother of the demonic monkey's and is being chased across crumbling ruins... again.

Once again, he has his running, jumping and sliding skills to help him but Guy Dangerous has been practising and can now ride minecarts and slide down waterslides as well ropes (ow, rope burn)! Random skills, but still very helpful. Added to the changes are stairs (not sure how they help but it's nice to see a change in scenery) as well as pools of water, better fire, spiked rollers among many other things which all help to make a run less tedious.

Other changes include scrapping the score multiplier that you got when collecting enough coins to fill the bar on the left side and swapping it for getting a powerup when you fill the bar. These powerups are all unlocked by buying characters and can then be used on different characters as well. The powerups are: Shield (Guy Dangerous), Coin Bonus (Barry Bones), Boost (Scarlett Fox), Score Bonus (Karma Lee), Coin Magnet and Gem Bonus (unlocked by reaching level 5 and 9 respectively).

Now, onto the challenges. The objectives are still here but are only shown to you in threes and give you points towards a level which gives you rewards (such as gems and coins) when you level up. Gems are used to save you when you die. There are also daily and weekly challenges which increase the reward each day/week with the final prize being an artefact. Artefacts are collected in game just like powerups (by jumping into them) and there are three different categories (rings, masks and Christmas and Valentines).

Conclusion: overall this is a much-improved version of the original Temple Run with many things to distract you from the fact that you are just running over and over again.

Rating: 83%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: new St. Patrick Day artefacts. Collect them all to get a St. Patricks Day hat for your character.

Update: it's time for some Easter egg exploration extravaganza excitement! Collect the new Easter artefacts for some alliteration aerodynamic awesome amazing bunny ears! Also, spin the Wheel of Resurrection to get some prizes every time you use a Save Me as well as getting a free Save Me by watching a video at the end of a run. Finally, iCloud syncing is here so that you can play across all of your devices!

Update: are you bored of gold? Are you bored of jewels? Are you bored of riches and wealth unimaginable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this update is for you! Get ready to find the price of life as you search for these new Critter artefacts!

Update: is a team up with National Geographic Kids, a new character has decided to Temple Run (technical term)! Maria Selva is a young photojournalist who has seen the world! However, she has never found the new Relic artefacts so she needs your (and every other Temple Runner's) help to do that.

Update: get ready for Christmas with new objectives and rewards for every artefact found! Also, once you've collected every artefact in a set, you unlock a new, special, hat for all your characters! Oh, and Santa and Mrs Claus are coming to town (or should that be 'temple'?) and are ready to run!

Update: new objectives as well as rewards for each artefact found and, to continue the artefact theme, duplicates are less likely!

Update: run into Valentine's Day with everyone's favourite (limited edition) martial artist - Bruce Lee! Also, celebrate Valentine's Day with a special hat for your characters (once you've found all of the Valentine's Day artefacts, that is).

Update: run into St. Patrick's Day and collect the St. Patrick's Day artefacts to unlock the St. Patrick's Day exclusive hat! And, for luck, collect the four-leaf clovers!

Easter themed update with Easter themed artefacts, colourful eggs instead of coins and aerodynamic bunny ears for your characters as well a bunny suit for Guy Dangerous
Scarlett Fox is now free
Bruce Lee has been given his iconic yellow tracksuit - purchase Bruce Lee to get both of his outfits now!
Celebrate the 4th of July by collecting all the limited time artefacts to unlock a new hat!
Celebrate Usain Bolt at the World Championships by downloading his new outfit!
New store layout, new death illustrations, crisper text and buttons
Save Me now deducts the correct number of Gems
Daily Challenge now correctly displays the number of days in your streak
Tilt controls should not get reversed when rotating the screen upside down
Frozen Shadows has arrived! Run through a new land, surf the ice luge, race across frozen forests, unlock new outfits and beware the snowy Demon Monkeys!

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