Friday, 14 February 2014

App Review No. 41 Pic Combo

Strong Points:
Lots of pics
Levelling system makes the game seem more polished
Cleaner layout than 4 Pics

Weak Points:
Coin system is gone from 4 Pics and you instead have a certain amount of hints
Ads pop up all the time meaning that you can only do 3 or 4 icons before accidentally going to the app store
Some pics are really obscure

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 29 March, 2013

Press the letters to make the name
Press the hints to activate them or in order to see your college fund go into Game for Friends wallet

Now, for our final puzzle, and again please publish your answers in the comments section.

  Image result for videoImage result for board game clip art


Right, in this review I will not go over how annoying the ads are (even though they are) or how much the fact that you have to buy hints feels like theft (even though it does) as you have heard it all before or at least you would have if you had read my other two reviews (4 Pics 1 Word and Icomania) and if you haven't you should. Please.

Right then, in this game you are tasked with working out what word the two pictures could represent rather than a word that they both link to. Next you have to put them together and BOOM you have a word and your answer. For example, a picture of butter and a picture of a cup would make buttercup. Unfortunately, it is rarely this simple but if you enjoy finding the most obscure versions of the same word or the most hidden links between them this is the game for you.

The pictures and layout is yet again of better quality than 4 Pics and the levelling system is back, each time giving you a free hint but if you didn't have to... no I won't talk about the price. Anyway, once again Games for Friends have made a very effective time waster/puzzler that could (and probably will) keep you interested for a very long time.

Rating: 60%

Goodbye for now, Harry


Bug fixes and minor improvements

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