Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Impressions: Mario Kart 8 Chin Control (Special Effect)

This is a really interesting piece of tech and, as I said in the EGX 2015 Live Blog, one that I think will help a lot of people with disabilities enjoy gaming!

Basically, the idea of Mario Kart 8 Chin Control is that it will allow people who cannot use their hands to control the game to instead control it using their chin. This is done by placing your chin in a cradle-like device that allows for the game to translate your chin movements into steering the karts on the screen. The other controls are done through the use of a modified controller that doesn't require as much motor-controls to use as a regular Wii U Gamepad. 

It works quite well, although it takes a while to get used to as it requires you to use a limb not normally used in gaming. The main issues I experienced were making sure not to pull my head up as this prevented the sensor from reading my movements as well as the tried and tested problem of steering more than I needed to.

While this may be true, I did manage to improve as the game went on and even ended up coming fourth (which was better than Tom's 7th I might add)! Overall, this is certainly an interesting side to the gaming industry and one that I hope will help a lot of people enjoy this great hobby of ours! Or even just enjoy it a bit differently...

For more information on this particular control scheme or the other great work that Special Effect do, please visit their website at:

Goodbye for now, Harry

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