Wednesday, 27 January 2016

TV Review No. 5 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Wanted (Inhu)man (S3, Ep3)

Strong Points:
Emotion - real deaths 
Twisted character development
Strong action sequences 
Great opening effects with Lincoln 
Darker than usual

Weak Points:
Darker than usual
Almost too fast paced at some points
ATCU leader has lost some of her confidence and power 
Setting up episode

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:

A darker episode than normal, this episode started to show what emotional turmoil being a hunter/hunted can have on a person. From Coulson giving himself up to save Daisy, to Hunter and Lincoln killing friends to get to where they need to go (yes, Lincoln's was accidental but, you know) and Simmons struggling to cope with the real world. 

The action sequences in this episode were mostly short and bloody, with more emphasis on the aftermath than the fight. We did have a chase scene to begin the episode though, containing Lincoln and the ACTU and a pretty sweet effect where Lincoln sends down a wall of lightning from some pylons. This really shows how far the budget has come for the show and is really encouraging as hopefully we will have more effects and cameos to come. The other major fight scene was between Hunter and his 'friend', where the last one standing could get closer to the top of Hydra (where the eventual prize of Ward is). Things went from bad to worse however, as in a moment of desperation, Hunter got some knuckle dusters and hit his 'friend' in the head killing him. This was definitely one of the darker moments in the series and reminded me of the other superhero series I am reviewing, Gotham, which could be good or bad for the series, depending on how they handle it.

Most of the acting was great in this episode with Hunter and Simmons as standouts. Both weren't really sure what they needed to do to reach their goal but both knew they had to and this really came apparent this episode. Their characters are out of their comfort zones and it's nice to see different layers to characters which were once seen as quite one-dimensional. 

The ACTU leader has had what I can only describe as a 'Kylo Ren' moment in which we have met her (taken off her mask) and her power and confidence seems to have been lost, at least for now. I guess I understand why (when the president is expecting results, you give him results) but it would've been nice to have kept the air of Coulson and her's first encounter as that was great. 

Conclusion: this episode was good and is going to give some real consequences for the S.H.I.E.L.D. team later down the line. The ending, especially, should be very interesting to watch develop. 

Rating: 78%

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