Friday, 30 August 2013

Review No. 36 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Brilliant stealth gameplay
Good sound physics
Good storyline with many plots
Lots to do
Nice shooting mechanics
Choices are fun and can change the way the story turns out

Weak Points:
Can get confusing
Frustrating when you die and have to restart to far back
Inventory space is too small
Can get repetitive

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: August 23, 2011
Australia: August 25, 2011
Europe: August 26, 2011
Japan: October 20, 2011

Controls: AllGame
W/S/A/D or Arrow Keys: move
Spacebar: jump
Left Shift Key: sprint
C Key: crouch
Right Mouse Button (Hold): cover
Left Mouse Button: fire weapon
R Key: reload weapon
H Key: holster/draw weapon
Middle Mouse Button or Right Shift Key: iron sight
G Key: throw/detonate grenade
E Key: action/enter hacking
Tap Q Key: non-lethal takedown
Hold Q Key: lethal takedown
F1 Key: activate cloak
F2 Key: activate typhoon
F4 Key: activate silent movement
F3 Key: activate x-ray vision
O Key: augmentations
I Key: inventory
[ Key: mission logs
P or M Key: 2D map
' Key: toggle quickbar auto-hide
= Key: next weapon
T Key: mark & track
F5 Key: quick save
F8 Key: quick load
Esc Key: pause menu
Tab Key: game menu/inventory

Menu Navigation:
Arrow Keys: movement/selection
Enter Key: accept
Esc Key: back/cancel

Hold Left Button and Drag: move map
Scroll Wheel: zoom in/out
Left Button Click on a Node: open the selector wheel
Left Button Click on one of the Selector Wheel Symbols: execute a command
Left Button Click on the Map: close the selector wheel if it's open
W/A/S/D Keys: move map
Q Key: quick stop
Esc Key: back/disconnect

This game is the third game in the Deus Ex and is a prequel to the first game (25 years before). The game follows the security guard Adam Jensen who after an attack on the headquarters of Sarif Industries (where he works) is left near death and has to be augmented. This gives him super human strength as well as hacking skills and other abilities. 

The game is mainly first person except for when you are in cover, climbing ladders, using certain augmentations and melee combat. To dispatch your enemies, you can choose whether or not to use a lethal weapon which can affect the story. You can also choose whether or not to help certain people in side-quests, hurt NPC's as well as other choices like speech. This game gives you so much freedom that you will want to play the game again to try and get a different ending.

The stealth is good in this game and you can evade enemies using bottles, trash cans to hide behind, hacking etc. but if done wrongly can alert the guards. If you chose a lethal weapon they are generally louder and will notify other enemies but if you chose a non-lethal weapon there is a chance the person will wake up or get woken up by other guards. 

The game has a detailed tutorial which introduces you to new aspects of the game slowly and the plot is really good with voice acting. The open world streets are fun you can talk to everyone with some of them offering side quests. 

Augmentation is unlocked using Praxis Kit's or by levelling up and it can help all aspects of the game but you won't need a certain one to complete a mission. Hacking is a fun minigame which allows you to open doors, disable cameras etc. and you can use items to help you with it. Unlike previous games your health regenerates over time as well as being increased through food and med kits. Your energy meter (which drains by using certain action) also regenerates over time but only the first bar. 

Instead of melee combat, you can perform a takedown which dispatches enemies quickly and silently. When you have dispatched someone, you can take their items and hide them. Hiding them is important because if a guard sees someone knocked out they will wake them up or raise the alarm.

Conclusion: overall this game is a brilliant mix of stealth and action and the open-ended gameplay will make you think about your actions and make you keep coming back for more.   

Rating: 90%

Thanks for reading, Satamer

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