Saturday, 3 August 2013

App Review No. 13 Bad Piggies

Strong Points:
Great physics
Good Angry Birds graphics and sounds
Lots of modes
Great variety of levels
It's good to be green!

Weak Points:
Not enough levels
Levels can be very frustrating (huge difficulty spikes)
You can't fight the Birds, only run away from them

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: September 27, 2012

Tap and move to build your vehicle and tap to use powerups 

There are always two sides to every story and even more so in the Angry Birds saga. And for once the other side is just as good (or possibly better) than the 'good guys'. That's right, I'm siding with the Pigs in an all-out Egg war on the Birds! I know that the Pigs stole the Eggs and tried to eat them but they were just acting under orders really so surely, we can forgive that. Well, maybe 'forgive' is a bit of a strong word but perhaps we can let them go if they keep making apps as good as this.

In Bad Piggies you take the role of a Pig mechanic who is in control of making contraptions to help the Pigs escape with the Eggs or to get to them. There are four level packs that all bring new things to the table.
Ground Hog Day: this level pack is the one that started it all with only basic (but still cool) contraptions being used.
Rise and Swine: this is the second level pack and also the newest one (don't know why). It adds the new mechanic of letting you feed the King Pig desserts (which are collected every level) that give you power ups.
When Pigs Fly: this level pack allows you to be able to make the Pigs contraptions fly with balloons etc.
Flight in the Night: this is the last level pack and makes you have to carry an Egg over the finish line as well as a Pig.

There are also two bonus packs:
Road Hog: where you have to build a contraption to get over the finish line in the fastest time.
Sandbox: these add a lot more depth to the game. There are eight main ones in total (two for each level pack) and require you to get across a long level collecting stars. You can build a huge contraption out of materials that you earn through completing levels. There is also a bonus level pack unlocked after finding the ten crystal skulls much like the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds. Finally, there is a level pack unlocked for 69p called the Field of Dreams. It is just a huge sandbox but sounds cool.

Just to add to the game, if you get enough stars on one line in a level pack you unlock a mechanic level. There are nine of them in each level pack (besides the bonus ones of course) and they are extra hard.

Overall this is an amazing game that rivals even Angry Birds. It's good to be green.

Rating: 92% 

Goodbye for now, Harry 

Update: Tusk 'til Dawn introduces 30 spooky new levels and some new, even spookier, pigs

Little Pig Adventure sandbox level - the biggest sandbox level yet!
A new part - the gearbox. The gearbox allows you to drive both to the right and to the left!
The Road to El Porkado level pack - 15 new levels full of slippery icy surfaces and dark caves!
A new part - the lamp allows you to light up the dark!
A new powerup - Night Vision Goggles allow you to see in the dark easily
Ancient Pigs - they like to drop stuff so watch out!
The continuation of The Road to El Porkado - 15 new levels and 2 new sandbox levels!
New parts - the Golden Pig can be used to break tiles and the Spotlight offers more opportunities to banish the darkness
Other improvements and bug fixes

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