Monday, 26 August 2013

App Review No. 16 Powder Game Viewer

Strong Points:
Lots of elements
Viewer is fun but isn't within the app

Weak Points:
Gets boring after a while
Multiplayer is impossible 
Not as good as PC game
Not many updates
Pixel limit

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 28th April 2012

Tap and hold to release pixels

This game falls into the genre of falling sands and is one of the best out there. You can control 34 elements as well as blocks, circles, wind, air, characters, fighters etc. It then leaves you to do whatever you want and create anything you want.

All the elements are different from fire (which burns things and creates high air pressure), to wind or fans which can cause your entire area to blow away, and lasers which can set of fuses and burn things, to seeds which can grow trees in powder (oddly without water). This game has lots of options.

 You can even play as a character in the game although that is better on the computer as you don't have to keep swapping in and out of character. You can take in an element and fire water, or lasers etc. Then there are fighters which are your enemies and can kill you in an instant and you have to kill with fire etc.

Then when you have made your amazing creations you can share it to the world and get others to play or admire your masterpiece and vote on it. You can also play other peoples.

The sheer amount of customization is only limited by the quite poor pixel count (even on large it is quite small) and the IOS power which means it can get quite laggy at times.

Conclusion: overall this is a good little time waster but not as good as the PC version. Check it out at

Rating: 76%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

You can now add your creations to the Facebookverse

You can now add your creations to the Twitterverse

Thanks to new innovations in powder technology, you can now have multiple save files in Powder Game Viewer. Also, due to some new experiments with chain reactions, an improved interface has been added. Finally, a few bugs have been squished with the power of lasers

Update: a text drawing function has been added

Update: a speed change button has been added

Update: you can now add high resolution images (for iPad retina displays)

Updates: a skin of Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish and Portuguese languages have been added. Some bugs have been fixed 

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