Thursday, 1 August 2013

App Review No. 11 Angry Birds Space

Strong Points:
New costumes look good
Gravity physics are great
Freezing effects are good
Ice bird is different

Weak Points:
Levels can be frustrating
Only one new bird
Not enough levels

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: March 22, 2012

Slide to aim the bird and release
Tap to activate ability

This is the fourth instalment of the critically acclaimed Angry Birds saga and also the fourth instalment of our not-so-critically acclaimed Angry Birds week. This game brings to the table a variety of new feature varying from new physics, levels and another new Bird.

Let's start with the Bird. This bird is different from the others as it doesn't have a colour and doesn't destroy the environment directly (although it destroys the Pigs just fine!) The Bird and its attributes are as follows:
Ice: this bird explodes like the bomb bird when the screen is touched but rather than destroying the pigs they are it turns it to ice! This is very helpful in getting rid of harder materials like stone and is even better if you have some Blue Birds to help you.

Some changes have also been made to older birds (besides their costumes of course):
Yellow: yellow bird is the same as ever except that he goes where you tap.
Big Brother: big brother now scares pigs causing them to jump.
Mighty/ Space Eagle: Space Eagle now arrives in a vortex where you send the sardines.

There are six level packs called: Pig Bag, Cold Cuts, Fry Me to the Moon, Utopia, Red Planet and Pig Dipper. There is also a bonus level pack unlocked the same way as the Golden Eggs in the original game except for the fact that they are Eggsteroids rather than Golden Eggs. There is also information on four different rovers and landers: Viking Lander, Sojourner, Opportunity and Phoenix Lander. Finally, is the ability to pay for an extra challenging level pack called Danger Zone, the price is 69p.

These things are all good but it is the new physics that make this game great. One of these is gravity where your Birds path will be affected the further away it moves from a planet. The gravitational areas are shown by circles of coloured shading (this also represents the atmosphere) and your Birds path is shown by the dotted lines. Also, if you pop a bubble with a Pig in it they will freeze or, if a piece of material knocks a pig into the atmosphere the bubble will pop and they will hurtle towards the planet killing them.

Overall this is a great game and helped change the face of Angry Birds forever. It also helped set up another little movie tie in.    

Rating: 91%

Goodbye for now, Harry 

Update: new stage is found in the depths of space; the Cosmic Crystals are here! New boss fight against the evil mutant pig... don't eat the ham!

Update: get ready to blast off on the biggest Angry Birds Space update ever! In Beak Impact, there are 2 Parts each containing a massive 20 levels (three star the first Part completely or, if you want your money to go to Rovio's pocket faster than a black hole sucks in light, you can use in-app purchases!) And if that wasn't enough, then you also have six bonus levels (unlocked by getting three stars and a feather on every level - and I thought unlocking the second Part was hard enough -) as well as another four bonus levels (unlocked by getting the NASA Spacecraft - the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact and Dawn). Finally, the Pigs have attached Gas Tanks and Batteries to their contraptions (don't touch them!) and they are being mutated by the strange radioactive rocks and asteroids, so watch out. But don't worry as the Mighty Buzzard (Buzz Aldrin) is now available to send in when things get tough!

Face off against the villainous Hektor Porko 30 new, unlockable, Brass Hogs levels
Daily missions
Three star levels to play their mirror world counterpart
The Wingman appears for the first time in Space with a new ability!

The minimum supported iOS version is now iOS 6.0
Learn all about the New Horizons projects for Pluto Day!
The Solar System Level pack - 15 new levels set among planets, comets, satellites and more!
Watch unique videos directly from NASA experts
Learn about the Solar System with fascinating trivia!
Harness the power of S.P.A.R.K. - a smart bomb of knowledge and destruction!
Minor improvements and bug fixes

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