Thursday, 1 December 2016

Video Game Character of the Month - December 2016 - Ball - Colour Switch

Video Game Character of the Month
December 2016
Color Switch

*tap* *tap* *tap*. Oh sorry, you've caught me at a bad time, see another group of levels of Color Switch has just been released and. You need me to award another character Video Game Character of the Month? Well, how about the ball in Color Switch? It's certainly popular and ever-changing. That's settled then! The ball from Color Switch wins the award this month!
And now for a bit of information on said ball:

It's a ball
It's also a square
And a star
And a padlock
And a... the list goes on to 189 incarnations! (as of 30th November, 2016)
It can change its colour either via power-ups or a timer
It doesn't like objects which aren't it's colour 
It has taken up brick-break in its spare time
It likes Halloween
It is 2D
It can race against other shapes

Origin of Ball:
The original Color Switch contained Classic Mode and Endless, with Classic Mode containing separate levels of Easy, Medium, Hard and Reverse difficulty. The ball could transform into a smaller amount of shapes (exact number currently unknown).

Evolution of Ball:
Over the past year, many many variations on Color Switch have been released, and each one Ball has undertaken with the same amount of vigour. They include Challenges (the Classic), Reverse (now split off into its own pack). Race. Cave, Color Swap, Color Fly, Gravity, Split, Bounce, Black&White, Break, Spin, Line, Shoot, Turn, Control, Zigzag, Jump, Climb, Slide, Dodge, Brick, Slow, Warp, Tower, Halloween, Pumpkin, Circle and Loop, as well as more Endless modes (Classic, Reverse, Gravity, Black&White, Spin, Shoot, Turn, Control, Zigzag, Jump, Cave, Color Fly, Climb, Slide, Dodge, Brick, Slow, Tower and Halloween) and a Daily Challenge which takes one of the levels from a random pack and tasks Ball to complete it. Ball can now change into 189 incarnations, unlocking them by using stars gained by collecting them during levels, as well as a Daily Prize. Some incarnations can also only be unlocked by completing special tasks like beating so many levels of packs as well as some which can only be unlocked via the aforementioned Daily Prize.

Color Switch released (World Wide) on 13th December, 2015 on iOS and Android

Well, that's all on Ball but, as always, if I've missed something/made a mistake then please don't hesitate to comment! Also, if you have a suggestion for a future winner of the prestigious VGCOTM award then please comment that as well! Now time to complete that level pack. What do you mean they've released a new one!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

The app
The App Store page (release date)

Note: as Color Switch is American, I've kept the American spelling for instances of Colour when talking about the game and game modes.

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