Monday, 12 December 2016

App Review No. 103 Smashy Road: Wanted

Strong Points:
Huge variety of cars
Cars handle differently...
Handles well
Legendaries add depth...
Nice, blocky graphics
Good free-to-play model - surprising amount of content
Coins are relatively easier to collect
Music and sound effects add to the game

Weak Points:
...although some are extremely similar
...some are more interesting than others
Drop chances are abnormal
Can get repetitive
Can get frustrating
Water is unusable
Car ramps are nearly unusable

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 2015

Press right side to turn right
Press left side to turn left
Press both sides to reverse

Smashy Road: Wanted seems to be a product of the Crossy Road craze last year. It has the same blocky graphics, the same varied character roster, the same 'one more go feel'. Even the idea of picking out a car via a gumball machine is similar between games of this style. What this one does better, however, is having a surprising depth to the game and the control scheme. It's not just a one-touch game (as so many are nowadays), allowing for more fun movement and drifts. It's a big deal.

The premise is simple. Avoid the cops for as long as you can and avoid being wrecked. As you progress the cops get more advanced, eventually turning into tanks and SWAT teams and you also get faster. To evade the police you can go one of two routes: with a plan or without. Don't worry you will eventually run out of a plan and be reduced to going round in circles before diving into a river but we'll get to that. This simple premise lends itself well to the 'one more game' nature of an app although be wary of frustration when you get stuck (again) behind that stupid building. Excuse me.

I personally like the graphics of the game and the art style helps you to ignore all the mass destruction you're causing. Of course, some bits could be improved, the tire tracks, for example, don't always seem to be on the floor, instead floating somewhere around it. The music and sound effects again suit the game with the music getting more urgent as the goings on, on the screen also get more urgent.

Collecting the cars isn't too much of a chore, especially if you unlock the Money Man vehicle, which makes each coin worth five. Otherwise, it's a case of grinding with the occasional free gift/video thrown in as well. It's a shame the drop rates seem to be variable, to say the least, so getting duplicates is often and annoying but with 90 cars to collect, it shouldn't take you too long to get a new car. Maybe even a legendary like the Money Man, all of which affect the game in some way (although some are more interesting than others).

Finally, the game does have its fair share of problems, namely things there for cosmetic purposes only or there to trick you which just add to the frustration. For example, some cars have ramps you can use to jump although more often than not you'll just tip over. Also, why is there coins in the water if you can't access the water?

Conclusion: overall though, a nice, free game with surprising variety and depth. Pick it up for bus trips and the like and you won't regret it

Rating: 82%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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