Thursday, 22 December 2016

Top 5: Games That Could've Done With Some More Time in the Oven

Ah, post-launch updates, how we love you. You add more content to our favourite games, listen to fans and improve due to their pleas and perhaps most importantly fix the bugs the game testing couldn't foresee. Most of the time it's little, excusable bugs or small bits of content. However, these recent games show that sometimes, a game just needs a little more time in the oven.

5: Later Assassins Creed's/Call of Duty's/Yearly Releases
One title springs to mind. Assassin's Creed Unity. Not a bad game in most respects, except when it came down to the actual playability. Other titles in the series have fared better technically, but when it comes to ideas, these two series are starting to run dry. Good on Ubisoft for resting Assassin's Creed for a while, now if only Call of Duty would take suit. They might make a much better game because of it.

4: Elder Scrolls Online
I am a massive Elder Scrolls fan (even if I did start with Skyrim) and so as soon as this game was announced I was straight onto the pre-order page. I got into the beta and experienced some server issues but hey, that's what betas are for right? Well, the actual game came out, I booted it up and two hours later I managed to find out how to untangle myself from the bridge I had fell through. It was basically unplayable, but now, with the release of DLC and the Tamriel Unlimited version, it's actually a pretty good MMO and Elder Scrolls game. If only they'd waited to release the game. We can cope with delays, just give us reasons!

3: Batman: Arkham Knight (PC Port)
Title runner but seriously, most PC Ports have fallen under this recently (notable exemptions include Watchdogs 2 of all things!). From broken gameplay to massive FPS drops, this game actually had to be pulled from PC and redistributed later on, still with some bugs. It's a shame as well, as the console version of the game was meant to be really good. Alas, PC doesn't get the love it perhaps should, especially when it comes to multi-platform ports. Your best PC can't run a bad port.

2: Pokémon Go
While not a bad game at launch, it did suffer from the sheer amount of people trying to log in (I don't believe Nintendo and Niantic could've possibly predicted the volume of players they got) as well as various bugs and missing features. The product now, with most bugs fixed and many, many new features (although still not the ones promised) reflects a much more complete and fully-fledged game which is well worth diving into again.

1: No Man's Sky
What potential, if only they'd clarified their intentions! This game suffered from two main things: not being developed for long enough, and not enough explanation given to the consumer about exactly what the game is. It does have 18 quintillion planets and somewhere in the universe may be some giant worms or rhinos. However, most of it, just like our actual universe (probably) is, well, empty. More updates have come and even more are promised but we are left with thinking what might have been.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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