Thursday, 20 October 2016

Comment: Overwatch Halloween Update

I haven't played Overwatch for a couple of weeks (a crime I know) but only because I didn't have enough space for the update. I do now and what an update the Halloween update is. A new PVE weekly brawl, new skins, new voice lines and the list goes on, all for free.

The biggest edition is Junkenstein's revenge, the PVE weekly brawl which pits The Alchemist (Ana), The Gunslinger (McCree), The Archer (Hanzo) and The Soldier (Soldier: 76) and it's pretty good, definitely showing that Overwatch could do a great campaign mode. Narrated by Reinhardt, it shows the story of, unsurprisingly, Junkenstein's revenge, with Junkenstein being Junkrat.

Your team face off against him and his waves of Zomnics, with 3 difficulties to choose from. I've got to admit I've only attempted easy and normal and only beaten easy (if anyone's beaten hard I'd love to know). To help him, Junkenstein has enlisted the help of The Reaper (Reaper), Junkenstein's monster (Roadhog) and The Witch (Mercy). The great thing about the mode is the attention to detail and complete conversion to Halloween. It's all in a subdued colour palette for starters, then you have the added details of Halloween skins, map and voice lines for the characters, complete with the random exchanges Overwatch uses.

Conclusion: basically, it's great and if you have Overwatch I'd definitely check out the Halloween update while you have the chance. It's a shame you can only get the items from loot boxes which are gained for levelling up though...

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S. what's your favourite new skin from the update? Leave your comments below.

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