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TV Review No. 18 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Maveth (S2, Ep10)

Strong Points:
Some great twists...
Maveth is a good character...
Mack taking control
Side plots are now in the forefront
Joey's abilities
New lore
High tension throughout

Weak Points:
...Others less so
...Although I don't know how they'll make his powers believable or fightable
Lincoln doesn't really work with the team - always disagreeing
Ward's conversion
Cutting through handcuffs happens too often
Will's reaction to everyone showing up
Some plots seemed shoved in there

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:

After such an eventful episode last week, could the mid-season finale of AoS deliver the same? Not quite, but it gave it its best shot. A shot that included a flare at one point I might add. Although with the amount of twists and turns this episode gave, it was difficult to tell.

But let's start at the beginning. Fitz, Ward and grunts are on the alien planet (as is Coulson although they don't know it) and they set off to find Maveth using calculations that Fitz can just do. A break for escape ensues leading to the others realising that they need Fitz (due to his magical calculations being needed to get them off of the planet) as well as giving Coulson a nice trail to follow. Next up in the 'to do list of Fitz's which isn't on Ward's' is the arrival of Will, who seems completely unfazed that a group of people suddenly turn up, when he has only seen Jemma in 14 years and hasn't seen anyone for months. Personally, I think I would've fainted. The reason for his nonchalant approach to everyone is, of course, explained but we'll get to that. This scene also allows for Ward to play the bully by reminding Fitz of Will and Jemma 'keeping warm at night' which brings forward the base layer of Ward's character; he's just a bully.

Another escape attempt happens but this time it works with Will and Fitz managing to kill most of the red shirts and run off. While travelling to the portal, they take the time to talk about Simmons and everything that's happened, Fitz notices a broken down city (interesting), asks Will what it is and oh */%3... That's not Will is it? In a twist I personally didn't see coming (compliments to the pacing), Will turns out to have died saving Jemma (bit of a sad ending for Will, a character I thought could've been expanded on) and Maveth has inhabited his body and thoughts. Which explains a lot of the episode.

 Meanwhile, Coulson has tracked Ward and after shooting dead the last of the grunts and shooting Ward in the shoulder (he grunts and moves on, that's just how strong Ward is), they proceed to walk to the portal. Walking to the 'other side' seems to be hinted at and that's definitely Ward's mindset as he has suddenly been converted to Hydra's ideology and has found his purpose. Personally, I liked Ward as his own character, loyal to no one and making him a soldier for Malick seems a bit at odds with his character. Another shot to the shoulder and Ward has had enough of Coulson and proceeds to start a fight. A fight between someone who has two gun wounds and another who may be suffering from a concussion is actually pretty good by the way.

Coulson in the red corner, Ward in the blue. Fitz in the red corner, 'Will' in the blue. And... FIGHT! Red corner wins! Flares are allowed in this fight right? Mechanical hands anyone? Yes, Grant Ward is finally dead (after dying from, literally, a broken heart), a fitting end to one of the best characters of this show (he didn't turn good again and die saving everyone!).

Mack being director really works I think and it gives his character the depth which was missing last season. Faced with tough choices and scared soldiers, a speech and a sacrifice is all that is needed. Mack offers to stay behind with the portal and gives the order to blow it up if Coulson's not out quickly. What follows is a tense build-up that turns into a pause where we're not quite sure if they made it out or not. Thankfully, they did but it was tense.

There were some funny lines interspersed in this episode from May's deadpan response of 'I'm not' to the question of 'who's scared' to Mack calling the Secret Warriors, Power Rangers. Then there's Joey's bullet proof power which was just awesome as for a split second he looked dead.

A lot happened this episode that's for sure, and some bits really didn't need to. We had Lincoln questioning everything, wanting to run in and kill everything as well as recoiling at the fact that the Inhumans are a danger to Earth (Daisy does this as well). Then there's Andrew, who helps Simmons escape yes, but kills all the Inhumans in stasis as well. It could've been the entire focus of the episode and been really good but I think the writers had too much to do to really give this scene justice.

The end was a solemn reminder of the old saying 'we won the battle but not the war' as everyone is severely distressed and has lost someone. Jemma has lost Will, Fitz has lost Jemma, May has lost Andrew and Coulson has lost Rosalind. Then there's Daisy and Lincoln who are now together. Yay?

Conclusion: overall it was a fitting mid-season finale, which asked as many questions as it asked, however it could've done with more time and focus. Can't wait to see what the next half of the season brings and due to UK scheduling there is no break! Also, if another person escapes by cutting through their handcuffs with a piece of metal lying around...

Rating: 77%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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