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TV Review No. 13 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Chaos Theory (S3, Ep7)

Strong Points:
Well-choreographed action
Nice emotion with some scenes - especially Fitz's and May's
Inhuman powers are used
Joey was back!
Andrew's character has gotten better
Gideon and Rosalind reveal
Fitz watching Simmons' goodbye messages
ATCU and S.H.I.E.L.D working together 
Nice CGI

Weak Points:
Rosalind doesn't like Daisy's powers, Daisy uses them to save her, she now trusts her
Pacing was almost too fast
How Lash became Inhuman
Where have the Icers gone?

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:

So Andrew has been found out by everyone now (although some took longer than others) and he's on the run, for at least half an episode, before he gets captured. Yes, the big threat has been neutralised, at least for a while, in a move which could be considered slightly too quick pacing wise as we didn't really see too much of Lash's character. However, this is helped by the fact that we knew Garner already and an impressive performance by the characters' actor (Blain Underwood), with this season in particular allowing these 'side characters' to shine through. 

This episode fills in some of the details of Garner's transformation and while I like the 'I'm a doctor, Inhumans are a disease and I must eradicate disease' purpose, I did think the whole 'booby trapped book' was put in quickly out of a need. His actual transformation is done well though with a nice CGI budget thrown in. It was also great to see Joey again, even if his main purpose was to be the centre of a daydream of Garner killing him. Yeah. But he didn't die which is good, because his powers are awesome.

So May found out from the Von Strucker kid that Andrew was Lash last episode, but of course she had to be sure so after checking all his files, proceeded to ask him. Sure enough, it was true, and Andrew had no choice but to knock May out and take her to another building and after detailing what he was doing, how it happened and why (with some stellar acting from both of them), their little meet-up was interrupted by Coulson who just wanted to ask a few questions.

Of course, he also had the back up of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU (and Lincoln, who decided to join them this time, partly because of his friends' getting hurt due to Lash and partly because of Daisy). And of course, Andrew turned into Lash to protect himself (he is slowly transforming into Lash, permanently by the way) and Lincoln goes after him. They fight and they manage to get Andrew to turn back into Andrew, then get him into the adapting box (or Deus Ex Machina, either or) with a little help from May, who decides the best course of action is to shoot Andrew in the chest, not quite knowing whether or not he would survive. He did, which is good and it was quite a shocking twist to have May shoot Andrew.

The Fitz and Simmons show carried on today as well, with Fitz opening up Simmons' super phone so as to try and find something to help them open the portal again. After nearly storming off after seeing a selfie taken by Will and Jemma, he sat down and watched the video diaries that Simmons recorded in the vain of Interstellar, and just like in Interstellar, he began to see and understand just how little hope Jemma had at that point. The episode ends with them both watching the sunrise together, a dream that Simmons frequently had. 

Well I say it ended there, but there was one final scene where two important character relationships were revealed. Firstly, Rosalind and Coulson, which wasn't really surprising but still a bit of a shock when it was revealed (again it happened quite fast) and secondly, Rosalind knows Gideon who knows Ward. So this could get interesting. Very interesting indeed

Conclusion: with great performances from the entire cast, this was a great episode and kept us guessing what was going to happen until the very end. 

Rating: 78%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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