Saturday, 19 March 2016

Note: A Slight Slowdown

Right then, first of all I'd like to say that we have tried our best to keep this post from coming out for as long as possible but I'm afraid that we can't really postpone it much longer.
Now then, I'd like to begin with making sure that you, our dear readers, understand exactly what we mean by a 'slight slowdown' and why it is occurring. We don't mean that we will be shutting down the website, nor do we mean that we will be posting no posts in the coming months. However, due to the upcoming GCSE exams and, therefore, the mountains of revision we are all currently ploughing through (#suchfun), we can no longer keep up our past volume of posts (as you have probably seen, the volume of posts has slowed down for quite a while now), especially not to the same quality that we have come to expect and that you, the readers, deserve. 

Therefore, we will be thinning our posts down to the weekly-ish TV reviews from Satamer, until the respective series finish, a few First Impressions from some of the new games we get to play in our, very small, free time (look out for the Pokkén Tournament First Impressions soon... hopefully), occasional Film Reviews (look out for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice review, hopefully coming soon), the monthly Video Game Character of the Month and perhaps some other game/app reviews and top fives (albeit at a much decreased number). In addition, as you will probably have noticed, the Clash of Clans and Leaderboards pages as well as the App Reviews have not been updated in some time. Now this, I'm afraid will probably be the case for a little while longer, although I shall try my best to update them at least to today's date soon enough. Furthermore, the Pokémon VGC happens to be the day before our first exam and, especially as it's in Liverpool (which is quite a distance away for us) we shall not be able to make it (for the first time in seven years for me) and, consequently, we shall not be writing a Live Blog about it. 

But, in more positive news, we do have a few posts lined up including a Pokémon related Top Five for tomorrow and another Extravaganza for our third birthday on the 26th of March so be sure to tune in then! Also, you will hopefully have read Thomas' new rant on indie games that was published this morning (and if not, click here to catch up). This would have been published about a week or so ago as well, had I had the time to proofread and edit the post which is another reason why the posts will be slowing down for the foreseeable future. Despite this, we shall be still trying to keep you readers entertained and informed as much as possible and with as quality posts as we can manage, just bear with us is all we ask.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be back up to full strength soon!

Goodbye for now, Harry 
The rest of the Games Apps and Reviews team 

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