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Top 5 Most Wanted Pokémon Mega Evolutions

With the Pokémon 20th anniversary having just passed, and the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, I think that it is the perfect time to discuss that most poignant of Pokémon issues. Which magical creature should get the coveted rank of a Mega Evolved Pokémon?

5) Mega Pikachu
First of all, yes, I know that Pikachu isn't in his final evolutionary form. However, I think he should get a Mega just so that Ash can get a more powerful Pokémon and so never lose to a level 5 Snivy ever again! Or he could at least get another, different type of form of which there are many to choose from. He could at least get a form like Ash-Greninja - I mean, come on, are you really telling me that Greninja is closer to Ash than Pikachu?!). As for his stats, it should go into either attack or special attack and speed and his ability should stay as Static or Lightningrod. Finally, with his design, he could take some design tips from Luxray or just add more lightning to him.

4) Mega Singles:
What I mean by Mega Singles is the Pokémon that only have one stage of evolution (i.e. no second evolution or preevolution). So this includes Pokémon such as Mega Torkoal, Mega Tropius, Mega Skarmory, Mega Farfetch'ed, Mega Stantler, Mega Shukle etc. 
Now if I had to pick one I'd probably go for Mega Skarmory, as it could push him back into competitive play (with a slight increase to his defense so as to make sure he can keep up with some of the new Pokémon and some more attack, HP and speed or special defense) and his design would be great (think of a more futuristic pterodactyl). As for his ability, I personally feel that Intimidate could benefit him both lore and competitive wise. 
However, I'd also like to see a volcanic theme with Mega Torkoal and, I also feel that Farfetch'ed needs something, anything, to bring him back into the player base's eye. Finally, Satamer and some other people I've talked to have had a nice idea with Mega Shuckle which would basically involve switching the holes in his shell with cannons and switching his titanic defenses with titanic attack power, turning him from a brick wall to a glass cannon in one fell swoop. Sturdy would definitely be required for this new Mega Shuckle.

3) Mega Trios/Mascots
Be it Moltres, Raiku, Ho-Oh, Regirock, Dialga, Thunderus, Zekrom or Yvetal, among others, the Mega Trios and Mascots would just be awesome. Not to mention pretty powerful and, in the case of the Trios, not necessarily banned in the VGC...
Although, if I have to choose one mascot or trio then I'd have to say... The Mega Regis. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, just think of their designs: sleeker, bigger and better. Game Freak could play on designs of glaciers, huge cliff tops, making them utter beasts of nature. Or they could continue with the almost computerised theme that they follow (their flashing eyes for light remind me of a code) and go full tank. As for Mega Regigigas, well I'm not particularly sure (other than another tank like thing). Any ideas? As for stats well I think that the huge defenses of the Regi trio (which have served me well in the past) should stay at their more or less gargantuan standards (although maybe a 10 point increase on the respective golem's specific stat so as to keep up with new creatures like Mega Aggron) and, instead, it should be their attack that mainly benefits from the 100 point bonus. But that's not all as I also think that their speed should be decreased (a la Mega Garchomp) so that they benefit even further from Trick Room. As for their abilities, I think that all of them would benefit greatly for an ability such as Rough Skin or Iron Barbs so that they can do damage doing what they do best: taking hits. However, this might be a bit overpowered and slightly hard to achieve lore wise, so you could also go for Sand Force for Mega Regirock and Mega Registeel and, so, give a much needed boost to their attack. Regice's Hidden Ability Ice Body actually works but it would be nice to get it without it being, you know, hidden. And as for Mega Regigigas, I think it's fairly obvious: a removal of Slow Start so as to allow the great colossus to actually strike first and with his actual power! However, his stats only need an overall increase rather than any specifics.

2) Mega Starters 
Another blanket entry I know, but I do feel that, for one, the rest of Mega Starters would be brilliant and, as we've already got two sets out of six, one that needs to, and has a good chance to, happen. 
But, if I had to pick one Generation's Starters then I'd probably go for Sinnoh's. This is, again, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I think that their designs would be amazing with Game Freak being able to continue on with the streamlined blade-like design of Empolean (perhaps finally explaining its Steel type), making Torterra gargantuan and perhaps holding an entire forest on its back (just please don't give it a flower like Mega Venesaur) and making Infernape a bit like Swampert but with slightly less steroids and, you know, as a fire ape rather than a mud fish. Then, as for their stats, it could reintroduce Infernape to the competitive scene, add a touch more bulk to Torterra and perhaps switch Empolean's focus to Attack rather than Special Attack if they wanted to continue with the blade theme. As for abilities, Mega Torterra could get something like Lightningrod so as to help his partner Pokémon, Mega Infernape should gain his Hidden Ability of Iron Fist and Mega Empolean should gain Swift Swim to increase its speed.

1) Mega Flygon
Poor Flygon. For a Pokémon with such a cool design as well as being pretty decent, if not particuarly competitive, on the battling side as well, Flygon has always been kept down. Without the bonus stats that are attributed to pseudo-legends like Salamence, Flygon just isn't strong enough to fight off the bigger and meaner dragon. And then, to add insult to injury, it was Salamence who got a mega evolution and not Flygon. Well I think that this has to change. And the designers have already admitted that they have made a design for Mega Flygon but just haven't published it as they feel that it isn't good enough so it's not like they haven't thought about it. Well I've been looking around the Internet for fanmon versions of Mega Flygon and the prevailing thought I've seen is that if Salamence is a plane then Flygon should be a missile, more techy/pilot-y or just full on more dragon-y. If they can make, frankly brilliant, designs then I'm sure Game Freak shouldn't have a problem either. By the way, which do you prefer? I personally like the techy/pilot-y one but I'd love to hear your ideas so please comment below!

Honourable Mentions:
Mega Electivire 
Mega Magmortor 
Mega Golem
Mega Machamp
Mega Gigalith 
Mega Conkeldurr 
Mega Magnezone 
Mega Klinklang
Mega Torkoal
Mega Tropius 
Mega Farfetch'ed
Mega Stantler 
Mega Shukle 
The other Mega Mascots
The other Mega Trios
The other Mega Starters

That's all for this Top Five, but I'd certainly like to hear your thoughts on the list. Do you agree with what I've said or what changes would you have made? Do you think that every Pokémon should eventually get a measure? What about non-final evolutions like Pikachu? Be sure to let me and the rest of the team know!

Goodbye for now, Harry

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