Thursday, 24 December 2015

Review No. 116 Star Wars Lighsaber Escape

Strong Points:
Technologically Impressive
Phone works well as a Lightsaber
Equipment available for use
No download required

Weak Points:
Bad wifi can cause Lightsaber to disconnect
No real way to attack the Storm Troopers
A bit short (but this is expected)
Textures of some things are a bit too low resolution to be seen up close.

In-depth Review:
Release Dates:
World Wide: December, 2015

Rotate phone to move the Lightsaber to block bullets

I have just tried the new 'Lightsaber Escape' game that Google created as part of the run up to the new Star Wars movie - VII: The Force Awakens, and I have to say, it's impressive, if a little glitchy due to my iffy wifi. In the game, you play a Jedi that has to escape from an Imperial-esque base by reaching a shuttle in a docking area (although it appears to be more like a droid shuttle than one of the Imperial ones from the original trilogy).

You start by, first, connecting your Lightsaber to the computer by inputting a URL into your phone, waiting for it to connect (which can take a while) and pressing the on switch to a satisfying sound effect (if your volume is turned up of course!) Some training ensures, then you are thrust into three areas where you have to reflect lasers back at Storm Troopers. This should be relatively simple however, two things stand in your way: the infamous accuracy of a Storm Trooper means that they seem to just miss you and the calibration of the phone can be a bit uneven.

On the last round, you have to defeat the new Storm Trooper from the film that carry's a Lightsaber style of weapon. Block, attack, repeat to defeat him and board the ship to safety. Overall, the graphics are good for being a free game on the Internet, the gameplay is unique and hopefully will be implemented into other games in the future.

Conclusion: the closest you will get to actually using a Lightsaber. Not bad for a free game!

Rating: 65%

This has been an in-depth review from Thomas (The Stacinator) Bye for now!
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  1. Can we stop having these reviews and even videos where he complains about his wifi, get over it or get a job and pay for better wifi

    1. Sadly, due to the area's we are in the wifi doesn't get much better. Also, reviews are about your experiences with a game and if the wifi comes under your experience with it, then it needs to be written about.