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App Review No. 95 Sonic Dash

Strong Points:
Integration of lots of characters i.e. Silver or Rouge
Rare/Purchasable Currency (Red Rings) are obtainable easily enough without micro-transactions

Weak Points:
2 bosses, it gets repetitive
Bosses are too easy
Dr. Robotnik is called 'Eggman'
Now SEGA are only making apps, why is this not better?!?
You randomly dance in mid-air with no legitimate explanation other than "RINGS, YAY!"
Daily reward is hard to claim
Menu is not very accessible

In-depth Review:
Release Dates:
iOS: March 7, 2013
Android: November 26, 2013
Windows Store: December 3, 2014

Swipe left, right, up or down to move character

Hello Banters and Bantresses,

Sonic Dash pains me. SEGA are only making apps now - therefore this should be better. And once again, they are fueling Sonic, the icon that built them and is now destroying them.

The core gameplay is good. The range of obstacles makes a use for all the manoeuvres provided. Also there are three different zones that you can go in which are okay I guess but need improvements.
This game reminds me of Sonic 06 levels of clunky incomplete trash for a few reasons. For instance, if you are on a higher (in altitude) level and fall through a gap you fall until about 3 feet above the water where you just casually float doing a weird dance, which seems to be the theme of this game as this is what you do to get more coins when finishing a stretch of land. On completion of a stretch of land, your character hits springs and then you must swipe to make him pose.

The one redeeming factor was that the character range is good: you can play with a whole range of Sonic Characters featuring:
-Red Sonic with Spikes
-Yellow Plane driver who can fly naturally anyway
-Sonic's pink annoying fangirl
-The black sonic with a gun
-The white one that everyone thinks is cool
-Worse Nyan Cat (No rainbow poop)
-The Bat no-one cares about
-The one with the pet from the mini-games

The audio is fairly standard and the graphics are good. However, as I always say "You can polish a turd and make it all shiny but, at the end of the day, it's still a turd."

I would recommend this if you want to help SEGA out and don't bother with apps.

Rating: 38%

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