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Film Review No. 1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (12+)

Strong Points:
CGI was astounding
Superb set pieces
Great acting from the leads
Lots of references to the original trilogy
New weapons for the Storm Troopers!
Awesome sound and music
Multi-layered with enough action to keep kids interested and enough darker themes to keep adults thinking
Some bits were very unpredictable

Weak Points:
Some bits were predictable
The rest of the cast were overshadowed by the two mains
If you think about it, the story is actually extremely dark for a 12...
Too short
Some references seemed to be shoved in just to be there
No Senate hearings or Trade Blockades!!!! (Maybe... I just don't know what I'm allowed to say anymore! #spoilers)

In-depth Review:

Feel it I can. A new type of review has awakened...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in case you didn't know/was living under a rock) is the first instalment of a new trilogy of Star Wars films from the new owners of Star Wars (and pretty much everything else): Disney. The hype for this film was immense, with extensive marketing campaigns and pretty much every company trying to cash into it, including: Google, Nintendo, Warframe, E4 and this very blog! Long story short, this movie lives up to it. Mostly. This review will try to be spoiler free but due to it being a review, some very mild spoilers may occur.

Snape kills Dumbledore! I swear, that will be the only spoiler... They find Nemo! Okay, I'm done now...

This movie is Nerdvana basically. From the references, to the brilliantly designed creatures, to the battle sequences and humour, it is a great film. I think the first thing to talk about is the CGI or lack of it as reading up on the making of this film, I realised that quite a lot of the creatures are actually models! This is good for the future of the industry because the less a film is made in front of a green screen, the better it (hopefully) will be. Obviously, some of the set pieces couldn't be made due to the scale of them, but the CGI is just as impressive with sweeping vistas and animations of the highest quality. I only noticed a slight green screen light leak once throughout the entire film as well, which is good.

Next up on the review which cannot talk about the story, is the characters. The two mains Finn and Rey, played by newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were amazing and were initiated into the Star Wars universe with ease while also breathing new life into the franchise. They are not just clones (pun intended) of the original trio, with their own emotions coming through great. Cameos from old cast members were nice as well and while I do believe that they were overshadowed by the newbies a bit, no one got more laughs than Han Solo, Chewie and co. Except for the villain of course, as who can compare and beat the supreme power of James Earl Jones?

When the opening bars of the infamous Star Wars theme started, you could feel the sudden intake of breath from the cinema and the breath was held in place throughout the film by the music and sound from the Imperial March to the suddenness of a blaster shot. Sadly, none of the new score could match the awesome power of the originals but I bet, with time, these too could achieve greatness.

The battle sequences were well choreographed with new weapons galore and bigger versions of others. Due to the nature of the film, certain weapons and battles were lacking, especially the [REDACTED]. Hmm... let's try that again. Some weapons including [REDACTED]. OK then, can I at least talk about the [REDACTED]. Fine, everyone, just watch the film.

Conclusion: from a person who wasn't alive yet to see the revolution that was the original trilogy in theatres, I can humbly say that I am glad that I can be a part of this. The new Awakening. It is a Hope for the franchise, and Star Wars definitely Strikes back with the Return of the Force. It has relinquished most of the Phantoms of its past, it isn't just a Clone of the others and Revenge is sweet against the critics.

Rating: 93%

Thanks for reading my first crack at a movie review, please leave any comments down below!
May the force be with you

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