Monday, 19 October 2015

First Impressions: Super Mario Bros. 3 and NES

I got to play on a classic NES console at EGX, which was awesome, along with Super Mario Bros. 3. Sadly, I got on the game quite late on in the day, so most levels were already completed. I was thrown into World 8 and couldn't seem to enter any levels, so, instead I proceeded to traverse from warp pipe to warp pipe, hopelessly alone in the castle. That is until, I found the level I was looking for all along.

It was one of the last levels of World 8 and had the whole package. Fire, fire and more fire (with a couple of spikes thrown in for good measure). I jumped the first fire stick and just as I was preparing for the next one. Boom! Hit box is destroyed and my life with it. I try again. Something very similar happens. Another two times. About the same really. My last life. I jump and hide between the two instruments of my demise. I see the light at the end. Ducking (in real life) I run forward and make it through, personal victory in sight. Woosh! Oh for *&£% sakes! I retire, having been beaten and the game waited for its next victim (which if I remember correctly, was an 8 year-old who beat the level with ease).

Overall, the game's core aspects - the graphics, presentation, controls etc. stood the test of time and the difficulty definitely traversed nicely. It was great being able to play with the NES controller as well although I found its lack of buttons disturbing (#badlywrittenStarWarsjoke).

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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