Saturday, 31 October 2015

First Impressions: Global Candy Cup Halloween Game - Google Doodle

I joined the hot-headed red team first and set out to collect as much candy as possible, while chanting our motto 'Better than the rest'. It didn't take long to get used to the controls (press space to go up, let go to fall down. So the Devil Incarnate, basically) but, even so, it wasn't long before I felt the cool sting of bat claws to the face. Expecting death, I let go of the controls, only to find that hitting an obstacle merely prevented my candy collecting skills for a little while rather than sending me to the great Jack o Lantern in the sky.

There are three types of candy to collect, and each give out a different points reward: measly candy corn at 1 point per candy, your basic lollipop at 3 points per candy and the heavenly reward that is chocolate at 5 points per candy. To counteract this increase in points, each type of candy has a different enemy guarding it, each with a certain difficulty level: bats, who just travel in straight lines; crows, who speed up as you get nearer and ghosts, who cheat the system and kind of just appear near you. The final obstacle is the floor itself, although you will struggle to hit it if you're not trying to.

At the end of the course, you throw all of your candy into your colour's cauldron and watch in glory as your team wins (or in shame at your terrible defeat)! You can then check out Google's biographies for the various witches which is a nice little touch (and caused me to defect to the Green team!).

The graphics are nice and cartoony and the music's not bad either. Overall, Google have had a nice go at making a little timewaster as a treat this Halloween.

What team are you supporting? What's your highest score? Would you like more Google Doodle games? Let us know in the comments!

Goodbye for now, Harry

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