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Video Game Character of the Month - March 2015 - The Barbarian - Clash of Clans

Video Game Character of the Month
March 2015
The Barbarian
Clash of Clans
'We're gonna need more Barbarians' said the Witch and the Archers. Well if that doesn't grant you a place in the Hall of Fame that is VGCOTM then I don't know what does! How about being part of one of the biggest apps of all time? Yeah, that'll do it. Now for a quick bit of information on the Barbarian as I train some up, myself:

Barbarians are the icon of Clash of Clans
Both Witches and Archers seem to have a fixation on him (judging by the adverts)
They raise their swords when you tap on their army camp showing, either, appreciation or rage at being bothered
They have an unhealthy love for Elixir (although some have been known to love Dark Elixir)
They are ruled by the Barbarian King
They do not appear to like their leader (although they flock towards him) and go into rages when near to him
They, apparently, share quite a resemblance to the wrestler Hulk Hogan
He appears to be a fan of The Last Dragonborn and wears the Dragonborn's iron helmet at level 6
He 'relies on his bulging muscles and striking mustache to wreak havoc in enemy villages'
He's ridiculously under-armoured

Origin of The Barbarian:
The origin of The Barbarian as an icon/species (is he a species?) is unknown although individual Barbarians can be trained in the Barracks for Elixir. Their King was crowned once he consumed enough Dark Elixir to become taller than Giants. He starts off with no helmet and a short broadsword (and no shirt - although he never does gain one-). That is all I could find as to the origin of The Barbarian so comments would be appreciated.

Evolution of The Barbarian:
Throughout the development of Clash of Clans, The Barbarian has gained a King and various upgrades and improvements.At level 3, The Barbarian gains a leather headband and a bigger broadsword then, at level 5, he replaces his headband with a much more suitable viking helmet and a bronze broadsword. At level 6 he replaces his viking helmet with an even more suitable (and Skyrim themed) helmet and face-mask as well as a dark, iron broadsword. His clothes go a darker shade of brown as well (perhaps because he's been wearing them for six levels?). Finally, as level 7, his helmet gets gold accents, his wrist-guards go black with gold spikes and his sword turns molten (seriously).

Clash of Clans: released (World Wide) on August 2, 2012 on iOS/(World Wide) on October 7, 2013 on Android.

That's all on The Barbarian but if I have missed anything/made a mistake, please do not hesitate to comment! Also, as always, if you have an idea for a character who should win a future VGCOTM then please don't hesitate to comment as well!

Goodbye for now, Harry

P.S. Did somebody say, 'Hog Riders!'?! No? Okay then.


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