Wednesday, 11 March 2015

App Review No. 82 Amazing Brick

Strong Points:
A bit more skill is involved than with most of these types of games
Nice, minimalist graphics
Good sound effects

Weak Points:
A slightly steeper learning curve than similar games
Only one mode
No collectables (different bricks etc.)

Rating: 60%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates: 14th August 2014

Controls: tap left to go left, right to go right

The Making of an Endless Runner (Episode 9567421830) - Amazing Brick: and the newest animal/object/geometric shape to star in its own endless runner/jumper/flyer is the humble square. The obstacles? Rectangles and other squares. The purpose? Get through as many gaps as possible whilst not hitting any of the obstacles. Gameplay? Simple controls leads to a pick up and play style game - although made harder with two directional options. Difficulty? A steeper learning curve than normal - take from that what you will. Story? None - as expected. Graphics? Minimalist but not bad. Music? None, as expected, but some cool little sound effects are there. Extra modes/gameplay options? None - disappointing and means there's not much to do. Currency/collectables? Same as before - disappointing and means there's not much to do.

This particular Endless Runner utilises a two tap system and more obstacles in between the main obstacles. This leads to a slightly steeper learning curve than some of the previous 9567421829 Endless Runners but the game doesn't, necessarily, benefit from it. In order to proceed, you have to tap left to jump up and left, and tap right to jump up right in order to get through gaps and dodge other squares (usually placed just before or after a gap which can lead to some rather annoying hits and requires a certain amount of skill and timing to dodge).

There is a certain minimalist feel to the game which is shown in the basic graphics and sound effects. In addition, there are no extra modes or collectables which adds to the bare-boned and unfinished feel to the game.

Overall, Endless Runner Number 9567421830, oh sorry - Amazing Brick, is a decent enough game but I am beginning to get a bit sick of these cheap Endless Runners.

Goodbye for now, Harry 

Update: optimizations

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