Thursday, 26 March 2015

2nd Birthday

26th March 2015: the blog's calendar reads. Two words are shown, scribbled hastily on with black pen. 2nd BIRTHDAY. I check the date. 24th March. Two days until the blog's birthday. It finally sinks in. The blog is TWO! Two years old! My word, have we had quite a year...

Last year we had five authors. Now we have three more. Last year we had just over 10,000 views. Now we have over 4 times that amount. Over 40,000 views on the blog with some posts reaching 1000+ views. Amazing.

We've had live blogs from Eurogamer to the Pokémon VGC 2014 Championship and Battle Tournament. First impressions began on April 4th, allowing us to deliver more personal opinions on games we had just begun playing or could only play for a short time. A clean-up of the blog happened over the course of two days from 16-18th of April, changing grammar spelling and adding controls, photos and release dates to pretty much all of our reviews.

Round-ups of the big three E3 conferences came (a bit later than E3) in July and the first Minecraft mod pack first impressions came out on the 25th July. Hopefully some reviews of these mod packs will be coming out in the next couple of months. Martin and Euan left us around the 30th July however Olimg joined in 25th September. The day before Olimg's first review, we hit the massive (and quite frankly, unbelievable milestone of 25,000 views) and three days after (28th September) we had the live blog for EGX 2014. Around the 7th November Martin rejoined the blog and Olimg was officially welcomed into the blog's ranks. Euan rejoined soon after, bringing back our review numbers to their full strength and soon after that Thomas joined bringing the total number of writers for the blog up to 7.

December was renamed (just now) the month of posts, with a post up everyday bar two. The rant posts were officially announced on the 22nd December with the first rant post out on the 27th December. On the 7th February we officially announced the 8th member of the blogging team... You! With the guest account it was now possible for you to submit posts to us to put up on the blog.

With that we reach present day and the stats!

First (App)Review of This Year: Hay Day (No. 50 (after some reorganising of review numbers)) with 284 views!
Most Viewed Game Review: Rayman Legends Online Challenges App (No. 25) with 116 views!
Most Viewed App Review: Two Dots (No. 22) with 3702 views!
Most Viewed Page: Leaderboards with 1060 views!
No. of Game Reviews: 108!
No. of App Reviews: 83!
No. of Satamer's Posts: 145 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Harry's Posts: 176 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Martin's Posts: 28 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Euan's Posts: 18 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Ben's Posts: 4 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Olimg's Posts: 7 (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Thomas' Posts: 1 (Including archived and collaborative posts)
Total No. of Published Posts: 319 posts!
No. of Labels: 36 labels!
Total No. Views: 40969 views

Latest (App)Review: Reckless Racing. (No. 83) with 25 views!

As always thank you SO much for reading, commenting and sharing this blog. Without your support this blog wouldn't be here. We can't wait to see how the third year of this blog pans out!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

The cake is still a lie...

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