Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review No. 59 Pokémon Platinum - DS (3+)

Strong Points:
VS Seeker in this game
Berries available to be picked
Pokétch is a good feature with upgrades for extra apps
Large non-linear map
Lots of things to do
Lots of legendries
Good and improved storyline
New trading/battling system is good
Global trade
Resort, survival and fight resorts add more to the game
Contests are back!
Secret bases are also back!
As is the Battle Frontier!
Palkia, Dialga and Giratina are available to capture
A few aesthetic and gameplay changes have been made

Weak Points:
Global trade has quite a few bugs
Rival is rubbish
Too many ubers
Underground isn't too fun without lots of people

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: September 13, 2008
North America: March 22, 2009
Australia: May 14, 2009
Europe: May 22, 2009
South Korea: July 2, 2009

D-Pad: move player
A: select command
B (hold): run
Y: key item
X: menu

The remake of Diamond and Pearl improved it in many ways including tidying up the graphics, extending the storyline, adding more mechanics and things to do as well as generally making it better. 

First of all were the graphical changes and while they weren't dramatic they were noticeable. Snow was added to place while running lava was added in others. Buildings, trees and roads were moved all making it a more aesthetically pleasing game.

Next up is the story. Most of it was just to make it fit with Giratina, the games front cover Pokémon but there were some other changes such as the inclusion of a scientist who you never battle to a whole new dimension at the end of the story. This dimension is the Distorted World and changes the way you play by making you go upside down, walk vertically or even jump! Sadly, this dimension is tiny and only used for story and one item (Griseous Orb). It would have been nice if it was a different mode that changed the entire world. Perhaps another time.

Yet another minigame was introduced or rather brought back. That's right, the Battle Frontier is here again and this time it's smaller. With only five attractions (Factory, Tower, Castle, Hall and Arcade) the Battle Frontier is slightly smaller than its Emerald counterpart but it's not so bad. The Factory and Tower are the same as Emerald but the Castle and Arcade are completely new. In the Castle, you battle in a similar fashion to the Tower battles but without being healed and you have to pay with Castle Points in order to heal or see your opponents Pokémon. In the Arcade, you participate in a single or multi battle and at the beginning you get to spin a wheel which could help your team or damage them such as afflict status changes on you or the opponent. In Hall, you have to battle with one or two Pokémon (single or double) and get to choose the type Pokémon you face.

After you complete the Sinnoh-Dex you can decorate a house in the Resort Area much like a Secret Base but this time you have to pay for the furniture. The furniture items are unlocked at different times after completing a certain quest such as beating the Elite Four 10 times. Some of the furniture unlocks certain events in which characters such as gym leaders come round and talk to you. In the Survival Area, you can fight the eight gym leaders again as well as other trainers at a higher level.

Overall this game has used and improved upon the already used and improved formula of Pokémon. Well done Game Freak.

Rating: 95%

Goodbye for now, Harry

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