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Review No. 62 GTA IV: Episodes of Liberty City: The Ballads of Gay Tony - PS3 18+

Sorry I haven't been doing anything recently, as you may have guessed I am the member of the blog that does the least, but don't worry, I'm still alive, just been very busy going through games to review (i.e. playing video games until the early hours and eating loads of chocolate....)

This is a bit of an outdated game now, as it was released a few years ago. But this was the real revolution of GTA. Now the graphics are still amazing, it is a hugely detailed map, and there are so many interactive parts of the map I can't even count them!

Strong Points:
Very interesting story
Many different vehicles to drive
Loads of new weapons

Weak Points:
Lots of bugs/ glitches
Not much to do when missions aren't available
Character not very customisable (same with vehicles)

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: 13 April, 2010
PAL: 16 April, 2010

Controls: Source:
On Foot:

In Vehicle:                                            


This is a game based on the nightlife of Liberty City (a parallel modern day New York) and you play as the protagonist Luis Lopez, a young night club bouncer and the right-hand man of Tony "Gay Tony" Prince.After witnessing the heist of the Bank of Liberty, Luis enters the loft of his employer, "Gay" Tony Prince. Tony is in serious financial trouble, having taken out massive loans from the Ancelotti crime family and Mori Kubbitz. He asks Luis to work for Mori and Rocco Pelosi, an Ancelotti gangster, in order to satisfy his debts. Luis soon becomes acquainted with Yusif Amir an Emirati real estate developer who is interested in purchasing one of Tony's clubs, and Ray Bulgarin, a Russian crime lord. Tony also plans to buy two million dollars' worth of diamonds in order to sell them at a higher price, but members of The Lost Motorcycle Club intervene and steal them. Luis manages to intercept a meeting to trade the diamonds and recovers them. Bulgarin soon reveals that the diamonds are his property, and believes that Luis and Tony colluded to steal them, marking them for death. Giovanni Ancelotti orders that the diamonds are to be used as a ransom payment for his daughter Gracie, who was kidnapped by Niko Bellic and Patrick McReary.

Rocco suggests that Luis should kill Tony in order to gain favour with Bulgarin. Though he contemplates doing so, Luis ultimately refuses and escapes Tony's club when Russian gangsters assault it. Luis travels to Firefly Island to disrupt Russian drug operations and learns that Bulgarin is fleeing the city by plane within two hours. Luis manages to board the plane, and kills all of the henchmen on board. A vengeful Bulgarin emerges from the cockpit holding a grenade, threatening destruction to both of them if Luis kills him. Luis takes the risk and shoots Bulgarin. A dying Bulgarin drops the grenade causing it to explode. Luis parachutes out of the burning wreckage of the plane to safety, and heads to Meadows Park where Tony is waiting. Once there, they both tell Yusuf that they won't franchise the clubs since they prefer to keep it a "family business".


In my opinion this was one of the best games for its time, I just can't find the words to describe it. In the game, there are some bugs and I feel the map should be more interactive and have more to do.

Rating: 94%

Ben :)

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