Tuesday, 1 October 2013

App Review No. 21 Pokédex for iOS

Strong Points:
Great 3D graphics
A move and Pokémon Dex
Evolutions, stats, matchup, type and description are all listed

Weak Points:
You have to pay real money to get the different regions
The area where you can find Pokémon is not shown

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: December 6, 2012
North America: December 10, 2012
Australia: December 10, 2012
Europe: December 10, 2012

Tap the Pokémon to show information

Oh, the humble Pokédex, how we have waited for a good one. When Nintendo announced that they were going to release one on the iPhone I was very quickly excited. This will be great, I thought, I will finally be able to check a Pokédex of 3D Pokémon without closing my game to look at the 3DS one. Great. And then the price came.

£3.99 to buy each region! This is after you buy the already overpriced app (£1.30) of course. It comes to
£16 in total, enough to buy a second hand main series game! Well it looks like the only chance for me will be the Internet. 

But if there is a sale or you are rich then you will probably want to know about the rest of the Dex, right? Well, as I said in, the strong points section, you can check any Pokémon along with their moves, abilities, type, matchup, description and their picture. It's very helpful for designing competitive battling teams but not much else as I will come to.

The reason that you can't do much else with it is that it is missing the one thing that Internet versions and in game ones have, where you can find the Pokémon. For the amount you pay it would be nice if this came as well.

Overall this is a great little app with a lot of potential but is let down by the need of in app purchases but it's a great start for Nintendo's mobile outings.

Rating: 20% 

Goodbye for now, Harry

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