Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review No. 30 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of The Starry Skies - 3DS (12+)

Strong Points:
Amazing Story
Character creation is epic
Huge over world
Brilliant monsters
Lots of extra content through DLC
Lots of quests
A good, solid RPG
Flying is fun
DLC Characters from past games
Alchemy is fun
Battle log is a cool feature

Weak Points:
Some quests are almost impossible to do without a walk through 
The DLC quests are a lot more vague then the normal quests.
Some bosses are frustratingly difficult
You will find yourself overpowered or underpowered quite a lot
Multiplayer is a bit limited as it only allows you to connect locally

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: July 11, 2009
North America: July 11, 2010
Europe: July 23, 2010
Australia: August 19, 2010

L Button + R Button:  reset viewing angle
L Button: rotate viewing angle clockwise
D-Pad: move character, move cursor
D-Pad + B Button (Hold): perform gesture
Y Button: view world map and story so far
X Button: open menu
R Button: rotate viewing angle counter clockwise
A Button: action, confirm
B Button: perform gesture, cancel

This game is the ninth entry in the amazing Dragon Quest series and in my opinion, one of the best. This game incorporates so many different elements of gameplay from DLC quests and monster records to lots of monsters (slimes) and gestures this game has it all. With a superb soundtrack, an astonishing overworld and a brilliant storyline this game is just amazing. 

The tutorial places your character as an angel who gets betrayed and loses his wings, so falls to the ground. You then have many different sections of storyline going on one after another. This is brilliant as it means when you think you have beaten the game a twist comes in and changes it all. The characters are funny and while there is no voice acting, you really get a feel for who the characters are. 

The customisation of characters is really fun and easy to do and makes you fall in love with your own creations a lot (especially when you kill them and a coffin follows around your character!) Alchemy is also fun with lots of options and the sheer amount of items and equipment is astonishing. Spells are also fun to use and the animations are good as well.  

Due to the being a JRPG, the battling is turn based and you level up your character by the use of EXP points. Levelling up increases your character's strength, defence etc. with equipment increasing these stats even more. 

The quests are fun although some are frustrating, nearly impossible or tedious as you just have to be lucky. However, the story of these individual quests really immerses you in the game and the DLC quests/characters are really cool. The characters are from past Dragon Quest games and give you a piece of there well known armour. 

Conclusion: another amazing addition to a superb series.

Rating: 94%

Thanks for reading, Satamer. 

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