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App Review No. 5 Doodle God

Strong Points: 
Lots of elements
Lots of groups
Good pictures of elements
Lots of modes
After main story, there is still a lot to do with quests, puzzles, artifacts and mini games
Great selection of quotes
Most element creations make sense
Hints are helpful
Music is great

Weak Points: 
At some points, you almost have to use hints as the element creation doesn't make sense
You can't play many of the modes until you complete the main storyline which can be annoying
Can be repetitive as you find that you keep making the same element over and over again
Can be frustrating

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: June 11, 2010

Combine elements by touching them

Have you ever wanted to create things with your bare hands? Play around with mythology or get your hands on the latest technology? Well now you can!

Doodle God is a great game where you play as Doodle God. Doodle God is trying to create the world but sees that he can't accomplish this with only the four basic elements (fire, water, air and earth for those of you who don't know this already). Because of this he decides to combine the elements to make new ones. And, so, the game begins!

To combine elements all you have you have to do is pick two groups and then click one element from each group. If you can create a new element then the two pictures will combine, you'll get some Godly music and then a new element and famous quote. Sounds simple? It gets harder.
After a while you will struggle to find new elements and just wait ten minutes to get the hint that gives you the two groups you need. But, eventually, the creations start to make more sense and you can start creating again!

The main story is split into for parts: Beginning, Technology, Modern and Magic.
You start in Beginning and then go to Technology (unlocked after 100 elements). Modern world is unlocked after 140 and world of Magic after 200. The gap between Technology and Modern might not seem that big but believe me it is frustratingly hard.

Then you get a collection of quests which make you create certain elements (some not seen in the main story). This is so that you can complete a specific storyline that is for the certain quest. 
Then, for the puzzles, you start with some elements and a goal element to create. The difference is that when you make a new element, the old element disappears. Due to this, you can have more than one of a certain element at the same time. This makes the puzzles a lot harder but does make them quite a bit different to the main storyline and quests.

Artifacts are strange. You unlock them as you progress through the main storyline. You gain a transparent picture of a famous landmark or fictional item which you have to create using 3 elements.
The hints are different as well with one taking half the possible elements away, another showing you the three groups needed and another giving you an element. This mode is probably the worst due to the elements needed making almost no sense.

The mini games section is very different. After paying 50 mana (it says that if you complete the first level it unlocks it for you but that didn't happen for me so correct me if I'm wrong) you gain the ability to play the two mini games Matchtrix and Bejoined. They both involve combining elements but do it in different ways.

In Matchtrix you play a game akin to Tetris hence the trix in Matchtrix. Whereas in Bejoined you play a game a bit like Bejewelled. In Matchrix you combine elements by letting elements drop down on others, combining them. You then gain more elements to play with like in the main story.
In Bejoined you get a screen of elements which you combine by moving them to touch another element like Bejeweled's gems. Once you combine two it might start a chain reaction if the new element can combine with the one touching it. You gain points by making new elements in both games.

Overall Doodle God is a great game that will keep you entertained for hours. I just can't wait for an update. While you're waiting though enjoy the other three games of Doodle Devil, Doodle Farm and Doodle Kingdom (reviews pending).

Rating: 82%

Goodbye for now, Harry

New Quest - The Angel and The Imp.
New Puzzle - Love
Various Themed Updates

Update: celebrate Independence Day with more quests, puzzles and artifacts as well as a chance to win prizes and compete with your friends. The Doodle Gods have been kind today.

Update: new planet mode has been introduced that lets you see your planet come alive with every creation! Also, newly updated Mission and Artifact modes!

Update: new Christmas themed puzzles and quests.

Update: new Chinese New Year themed puzzles!

Update: new Holiday themed puzzles and quests!

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