Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review No. 29 Luigi's Mansion 2 - 3DS (7+)

Strong points:
Funny, detailed characters who show their emotions really well
Very Detailed
Addictive, just one more level kind of game
Some 1/2 hour long levels mean you can fit the game in to a bus journey
Collecting the gems and ghosts is fun 
Looks amazing
Puzzles are inventive
The Poltergust 5000 is just brilliant
Boo fights are amazing and challenging

Weak Points:
Can get repetitive
Having to start at the beginning of the mansion each time you start a level means it takes ages to get to the part you need to get to
Ghost fights are easy and repetitive 
Controls are difficult to get used to 

In-depth review:

Release Dates:
Japan: March 20, 2013
North America: March 24, 2013
Europe: March 28, 2013
Australia: March 28, 2013
Korea: July 18, 2013
Hong Kong: July 26, 2013

Circle Pad: move
Circle Pad + B: run
X: look up/interact
B: look down
R: suck with Poltergust 5000
L: blow with Poltergust 5000
A: use the Strobulb
Y: use the Dark Light Device

This game is the sequel to the widely-acclaimed Luigi's Mansion and the level of detail on this game is just astonishing. With the statues heads following you about, the ghosts which show up in mirrors and the lighting effects make this game just beautiful. The characters show their emotions well with Luigi just being hilarious. His cowardly animations are lovely and full of animation with the ghosts as well as being lively and humorous.

The controls are all right but take some getting used to and the upgrades are put in place so that you will have them all by the final boss. Also, I think more unlockables like the Dark Strobe Light would be could rather than more powerful versions of what you already have. Also, the upgrades give no aesthetic change to the Poltergust and with the rest of the game having loads of little details, you would think they would do this.

The ghost battles are all right but gets quite repetitive as you will face the same type of ghost a lot with only a few variations in the form of boss battles. However, after you have beaten these 'bosses' then they just appear regularly and around the same power which sort of takes away the 'boss' feel of them. Furthermore, the boss at the end of the level is the same every time just hidden slightly differently. The saving grace of the enemies comes in the form of Boo's. These Boos are overpowered enemies and there is one in every level. They are fun to battle against and challenging, with many a frustrating moment.

You can find gold and artefacts by 'sucking' up the curtains/ mats, light up plants or destroy illusions. Gold is collected for upgrading which is automatically done when you reach the end of the level. You can find a dog bone on each level which gives you 200 gold and a free life. The life is brilliant due to when you die (although this is rare) you have to start the level again.

The game has slight replay battle in the form of fastest time, most gold collected etc. but once you know the puzzles it does get quite repetitive. Also, due to you having to start at the beginning of the mansion every time the game gets mildly boring after a while.

The Thrill Tower if fun but due to it only being local multiplayer is quite limited. The ghosts are fun and with the solo mode it is more accessible but incredibly difficult if you go alone.

Finally, the puzzles although fun can get frustrating due to the hints being useless and the puzzle may be some little thing you haven't done e.g. sucking up a mat or getting rid of an illusion on a vase.

Conclusion: this game although good suffers from difficult controls and frustrating puzzles. A really good, detailed game.

Rating: 90%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.


  1. Have you played the first game? And pay more detail to spelling and double letters.

    1. I haven't played it personally but I know a friend who has and have watched/ researched the game.
      Our blogger who checks spelling mistakes and trawls through the posts has been away but is back now and the spelling mistakes should be gone soon.