Wednesday, 31 July 2013

App Review No. 10 Angry Birds Rio

Strong Points: 
Still keeps the great Angry Birds formula while giving it a new spin
Boss battles are a great and different feature
New birds are good

Weak Points:
The movie tie in enemies aren't as good as the Pigs! 
Levels aren't as good as the first two games

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: March 22, 2011

Slide your finger to aim the bird and release
Tap to activate ability

This is the third instalment of the six part Angry Birds week and it is a movie tie in. This movie is the Dreamworks animated film Rio. The film happens to be about birds so I guess the tie in made sense.

Out of all of them though I think this is my least favourite, this is due to a few reasons.
1) Being based on a movie there isn't as much freedom for Rovio to work with.
2) Updates are good but advertise an old film that isn't showing anymore. We need Rio 2 levels!
3) The pigs were more recognisable and funny than the monkeys. Perhaps they should team up?

Although I say all this it is still a brilliant game and definitely worth playing. Some of the new features are great and paved the way for future Angry Birds such as boss battles. There are seven boss battles which are Blue and Jewel Fortress; Nigel; Beach Ball Fortress; Mauro; Rio Skydiving Tours Plane; Tough Nigel and Tough Mauro and Marmosets.    
There are 8 level packs which is actually the same as the first game even though this is a movie tie in which is impressive. 
The two new birds (Blue (called Blu in-film) and Jewels, the leading members of the film) are great and bring a difference to the normal Birds.
Blue and Jewels: when the screen is tapped, Jewels flies forward dragging Blue with her.
Blue: when he hits an object, he shakes around dealing more damage.

Overall the game is great but not as good as a certain other movie tie in...

Rating: 87%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: celebrate New Year with the Angry Birds... once you get rid of those pesky monkeys with a certain rocket bird! 20 new levels and six bonus ones. Stella joins the party along with the all knew Rocket Bird (well, why not?) get ready for some explosive excitement that will sky rocket to new heights (yes, really)!

Update: make a big splash into the newest Rio adventure! A new move that enables you to dive underwater has become available and good thing too, as you now need to help Brazilian River dolphins as well as birds. Some of that water must have cleaned the graphics as well making Angry Birds Rio look shiny and new. All of this culminates in 20 new levels and 6 bonus levels set in the world of Rio 2.

Update: a new riverboat cruise has arrived, bringing with it 20 new levels (and 6 hidden levels!) and with that 20 new opportunities to fight monkeys! So, jump on!

Update: TIMBER!!! The monkeys have got some logging equipment so it's up to the Birds to deal with them before they cut down the rainforest in 20 new levels and 6 bonus ones! Also, there three new ways to help you win (call in the Flock, Tips and the Power Potion)!

You can now earn coins by getting two or three stars in levels
These coins can then be used to unlock bonus levels and buy powerups!
Daily rewards are here!
The Treasure Hunt Episode - 20 new levels full of new challenges and collectible coins.
Special offers are also available, offering the best deals and allowing you to unlock new content!
The Treasure Hunt Episode continues with 20 more levels and 6 new bonus levels
Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

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