Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review No. 28 Fire Emblem Awakening - 3DS (12+)

Strong Points:
Lots of content
All of the characters have strong personalities
Lots of different weapons
Lots of battles
The maps are all different and present their own challenges
Great storyline
StreetPass and SpotPass capabilities are good along with lots of DLC
Side stories are good and so are the random Risen battles
No characters are completely useless or ultimately powerful
The support, marriage, child system is great and the pairing system is helpful and adds more strategy to the game
Permadeath makes you be more strategic
Graphics and music are really good
You can turn off permadeath for casual playthroughs

Weak points:
There is no ability to replay old levels
On some levels, you can just send a squad of some of your best people to complete the level
Most of the time you can ignore the weapon triangle and just hack at the opponents
Most of the opponents are the same and can get boring
If you lose a level, replaying it can be boring
Not enough video cut scenes

Update: All DLC has now come out for this game
In-depth Review:

Release Dates:        
Japan: April 19, 2012
North America: February 4, 2013
Europe: April 19, 2013
Australia: April 20, 2013

Controls: Allgame
X Button: open preparations menu/show, hide enemy move/attack range
A Button: continue/enter map location/select unit to command/open system menu
B Button: back
Stylus: select item/continue/view help
Circle Pad/D-Pad: select an item/move the main character/move the cursor
D-Pad Down + A Button: skip messages
Start Button: skip event or cutscene
L Button + R Button + Start Button: reset game
A Button/Y Button (While Moving): speed up character
Y Button While Moving the Cursor: speed up cursor
L Button: move cursor to next unit
Hold L Button While the Battle Starts: skip combat animation

This is a great game that makes you think. Really hard. The story is beautiful and the strategy is great. I love the battling system and the sounds and graphics are amazing. It is a brilliant game and you should buy it. Now.
After a character design screen and short prologue in which you learn the basics you find yourself lost in a field with no memory of who you are. Great :). Chrom, the prince, and his Shepherds, the peace protectors of the land, find you and you quickly become friends. The prince quickly recognises you as a skilled tactician and so enlists you. On their way back to the capital of the realm, the Shepherds are attacked by the Risen, undead soldiers. Just as it looks like the end for Chrom a portal opens. Out of the portal is a person calling himself... Drum roll please... Marth!!! For those of you knew to the series Marth is the hero king and the original wielder of Chrom's sword the Falchion. Bit of a big title to live up to, eh? Anyway, Marth promptly saves them and then they are on their way out of there. On the course of their journey around the continent you will battle many foes such as the Mad King Gangrel and the continent of Pleigia. While this is happening the Risen are still attacking and no one knows why, except for links to the Fell Dragon Grima.

The battle system is great and easy to understand the basics but to become a master tactician will take some time. It is long as well with 25 chapters and 23 side stories as well as DLC and Streetpass. The rules of battle go something like this: choose your character; move him/her; hit opponent, remembering the battle triangle; move onto next one; repeat without being killed :).

The battle triangle is the same as in past games- sword beats axe, axe beats lance, lance beats sword. Also, bows and wind magic beats flying units and the Falchion beats dragons. There are also fire, lightning and dark magic as well. Along with these certain weapons affect certain units more than others such as beast killer. The other weapon types are: staves and stones (beast and dragon).

The pairing system works when you put two units next to each other and select pair up. This enables the partner to convey stat bonuses as well as attack with the first person in the pair and defend them. During pairing, only one person can directly attack an opponent and be attacked whereas the other person helps. Also, the support system works with pairing as if two people are paired up they will start to like each other more and after a few battles they will go up a rank from C-S (S only becomes available if the two characters are of opposite genders). Once at S rank, the characters will marry and will gain more stat bonuses.

Conclusion: overall this is a great game that will challenge even the most tactful of minds. The story is one of the strongest I've seen in a game for a while and I hope for another.

Rating: 96%

Goodbye for now, Harry

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