Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review No. 27 Fallblox - 3DS eShop (3+)

Strong Points:
Good physics
Lots of puzzles
Nice art style
Bigger Space

Weak Points:
More of the same
Not as fun as Pullblox
Lots of difficulty spikes
Falling physic is difficult to use

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: October 31, 2012
Europe: November 15, 2012
North America: November 22, 2012

Circle Pad: move
A: jump
B: grab
B+ Circle Pad: move block
D-Pad: zoom in/or out and rotate view.
L: rewind
R+ Circle Pad: look around (L to zoom)

The sequel to the widely acclaimed Pullblox, Fallblox adds a brand-new physic to the mix - falling. So, when you move a block now it doesn't stay magically in the air but falls to the floor. This physic is great but difficult to use and if you get it wrong you will have to start over. A lot. And with over 100 levels to complete with levels getting harder as you go along as well as Fallblox studio (where you can create new Fallblox creations and share them through QR codes) get ready to get frustrated.

But that's about all there is except for a few new powers (like clouds) and that you rescue birds instead of children. So, this game tried to be like its big brother but missed out on fame due to the bad controls and falling physic.

Conclusion: good game but could be better.

Rating: 74%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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