Friday, 14 June 2013

App Review No. 4 Jetpack Joyride

Strong points:
Lots of jet packs and clothes
Lots of customisation in general
Gadgets are great and have a huge variety
Lots of missions and medals
Lots of achievements
Lots of replay value, in fact that's all there is
Lots of enemies
Vehicles have a lot of variety
Events add some variety to the gameplay

Weak Points:
Only goes up to 30,000 metres
Missions get very repetitive very quickly
Clothes and golden vehicles are expensive and don't do anything other than effect aesthetics
Only two gadgets can be equipped at any one time
The jet packs serve nothing but change aesthetics

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: September 1, 2011

Touch to go up and release to go down

This game is great. Especially for what it does. And that is to be as addictive as is physically possible. It achieves this great feat by combining lots of great missions and content along with pleasing aesthetics and a good soundtrack.

The story of this game is one of the familiar character Barry Steakfries. In this game, Barry is a depressed gramaphone sales man who has quit due to very low sales. When he notices a jetpack in a labs window he knows that he has to have it. This jetpack is the world-famous jetpack from Monster Dash, another Barry Steakfries game. Barry breaks through the wall of the lab and the game begins. 
It is a side scrolling action game where you have doge zappers, lasers and missiles alike. While you're at that you will also be collecting coins, and beating missions to become the ultimate jetpack joyrider. Using these coins, you will buy knew jetpacks, clothes and gadgets to help you complete your goal. 
Vehicles also come into play and you get the chance to play as 5 of them (Lil' Stomper, Badass Hog, Mr Cuddles, Crazy Freaking Teleporter, Gravity Suit and Profit Bird) each with their own signature powers and controls.

Once you have complete a mission you gain 1-3 stars which go towards a bigger plaque of stars. When you have completed a plaque, you go onto the next, bigger one, until you reach the Barry plaque. After this last one is completed you have the option to cash it in, in exchange for a badge. And repeat. 
Well that's all for now, keep on jetpacking.

Rating: 82%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: there is now a new vehicle called the Wave Rider which turns the screen into a pool of water which is one of the better aesthetic and gameplay changes in the game. There are also weekly sales on clothes and jetpacks.

Update: quick revives have been added so that you can cheat death even more! Also, rolling inventory enhancements have made it even easier for you to see what items you are missing!

Update: another new vehicle... But with a twist. S.A.M (strong arm machine) is a huge quarter of a screen covering walking machine with an awesome arm of death. When controlling S.A.M you have control of his arm as a barrage of missiles come at you. Hit them back with the arm or face the consequence of death! Also, S.A.M can only be use once a day after gaining the 3 S.A.M puzzle pieces. After five days, there may be a prize... Also 16 new costumes and the Sleigh of Awesome (only available for a limited time)

Update: various new costumes as well as the all new vehicle skins have been added to the game. Enjoy!

Many, many new costumes/costume sets and vehicle skins. New achievements

Halfbrick Profile support
A new vehicle skin - Cloud Nine 
Fruit Ninja 5th Anniversary Event - Cut & Run - faster gameplay, cool new zappers and mountains of floating fruit included
Back to the Future Event - a new mode, new themed costumes (collect flux capacitors to unlock), new background, the Delorean Time Machine, the Hoverboard and the Amped Up Jetpack! 
Zappy Bird Event - think of Flappy Bird but with zappers and a bird that poops money (so much like Flappy Bird did then?) 
An unlock system where you can win free jetpacks and outfits for playing events
The Sleigh of Awesome is back!
Many bug fixes and performance improvements

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