Saturday, 29 June 2013

Note - Twitter, In-Depth Reviews and a General Tidy Up

Hi guys,

Here are a few announcements we thought you would like to hear about.
First: The Twitter Account: here you will find essential news on all the games and a few fun facts. The more followers the better for you as we will post more when more of you read! The Twitter account is
Edit: 1st June - I will be doing a gaming fact a day on Twitter, follow to see them.

In-Depth Reviews: We have nearly finished these (finally!) and will try to finish them in the next week or so. Afterwards we will be back to doing new reviews, so thanks for being so patient. If you have any games you want to be reviewed don't hesitate to comment.

General Tidy Up: As you may have seen over the past few weeks we have kept changing the layout, adding new gadgets and taking them away again. We now feel like the layout is right and you shouldn't see it change to much over the next few weeks. We will also try to add polls every week, so if you want any particular poll e.g. Mario or Sonic then please comment! Finally, you may have seen our Video Game Quote of The Week, Links and About Us pages. The Video Game Quote of The Week contains famous, funny or interesting quotes from games past and present, while the About Us and Links pages give you information and useful websites.

As always, if you have anything you want from the blog please comment as we love hearing your feedback.

Thanks for reading Satamer.

P.S as you may have seen we have now hit an astonishing 2000 views!
P.SS If you have Animal Crossing and want to get the limited- edition items which are being released in Nintendo Zones but are nowhere near one check out this website to connect to a 'Nintendo Zone' at your house

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