Thursday, 23 February 2017

TV Review No. 35 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire (S4, Ep4)

Strong Points:
Hellfire's reappearance and worthy motives
Ghost Rider's improved
Aida's comedy
Simmon's using her powers
Twists and turns
Car chase...
Everyone's back together

Weak Points:
Could've had more of a fight between Hellfire and Ghost Rider
Daisy needs to just get on with it
...How did it not kill him?

Some spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:
A good thing about long-running TV shows like Friends, HIMYM or AoS is that it can reference older episodes from years previously, giving reward to devout followers but not alienating new ones either. For example, the shotgun axe or the memory machine reappearing from season 1 in season 3. Characters can also make a reappearence, after spending their unseen life growing as people and changing. Such is the case for Hellfire, who we last saw infected by Hive. Now he is out of Hive's powers and runs a fireworks store (as Coulson says, who didn't expect it to go up in flames by the end of the episode). He also hates himself and all other Inhumans, feeling they are wrong and a scourge upon the Earth (I didn't say they always change for the better, did I?). The thing is, his motives for destroying the Inhumans feels justified, in that it feels like a natural progression for the character, which is something quite a lot of villains nowadays don't have instead going for the I'm going to destroy the world just because.

Talking of Hellfire, and fire in general, we got the Ghost Rider and Hellfire fight we've been speculating about ever since Ghost Rider was announced. It was... OK. I mean, it was great when Ghost Rider grabbed the chain (explaining the origin of that particular weapon) but then it sort of just ended. Hopefully, with Hellfire still being alive we'll see more fights like that. A good thing has happened though: I finally am beginning to feel the power of Robbie Reyes and Ghost Rider, and he is definitely growing on me

Another exciting scene was the chase scene between Coulson, Mack and Robbie Reyes. It starts with the king of all coincidences - they both are going to Reye's uncle. After being spotted Reyes decides to make a break for it and Coulson and Mack give chase in Lola. What follows is a pretty great chase scene, with Mack basically reviewing Reye's car, saying they won't be able to catch him. That is until he crashes into the invisible Quinjet of course. Now, I know that Reyes wouldn't die in that crash due to Ghost Rider, but did Coulson and Mack know? Or were they taking a risk with a car with no safety measures?

Daisy has now asked for help from Simmons as well as Yo-Yo and Mack after being shot in the back (out of episode) and needing medical assistance (she can't go to the hospital though as she is a wanted fugitive. Simmons is then blackmailed by Daisy (she can't help willingly due to her lie detector tests) to help put in a virus into the Inhuman's database so as to see who else has the records and is tracking Inhumans down (more have died since last episode). After she gets this information, Daisy wants to send Simmons on her way, but Simmons is having none of it (go Simmons!) which is great, because I'm starting to get a tad annoyed by Daisy's attitude. As Simmon's says, she needs to suck it up!

As with the last episode, we're going to finish with May again in this review, and after coming back alive, she has become her usual self again. Currently in Radcliffe's lab for testing, it soon becomes apparent that Radcliffe isn't testing her vital signs, but is instead conducting a Turing Test for Aida (if May doesn't notice she is an Android then Aida passes). This allowed for some comedic moments (Aida says she is mostly from China and has been working for Radcliffe ever since he put hands on her) but also begs the question to how Aida's storyline is going to evolve. My guess is that Radcliffe and Fitz will become fond of her and won't allow her to do her job - remember she isn't an AI but more a mimic of human consciousnesses. The episode also ended with more or less everyone in the same room, something which hasn't happened for a while and was great to see. Also, who would've thought that something two characters would be able to share would be their experience on death and coming back to life.

Conclusion: the storyline threads are starting to come together now and in different ways than was expected. To next week's episode we go!

Rating: 81%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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