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TV Review No. 34 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Uprising (S4, Ep3)

Strong Points:
Metro looter fight scene
Yo-yo's powers in fighting
EMP fighting scenes
May's 'cure' and consequences of it
Connections between arcs in the episodes
Consequences of an EMP
Gabriel's a good addition to the show
Nice throwback to Lincoln
Going public again

Weak Points:
Still not too sure about Robbie Reyes
If you don't want to be identified, don't all have tattoos denoting your faction on your wrists
Going public again

Some spoilers ahead:

In-depth Review:
So S.H.I.E.L.D. is back in the public eye again, for better or worse. While I have liked the 'in-the-shadows methodology of the past 2 seasons, bringing S.H.I.E.L.D. back into the public eye allows for a bigger budget, more people and more importantly, a chance for AoS to becoming a larger part of the MCU. While Iron Man doing a fly by or Hulk popping up to beat up a bad guy might be a bit of a long-shot, Hawkeye could certainly make an appearance or Fury or even Captain America. A man can dream.

The main source of excitement for this episode came in the form of a blackout EMP which cropped up in cities all around the world. The big problem with these EMP's though is that they go off every 2 seconds making all electronics useless. this really highlighted the amount of electronics S.H.I.E.L.D. actually uses, from guns to trackers and even Coulson's robotic hand. Bring out the Scouting basics and they managed to find their way but it might be an idea to invest in EMP defences! On a side note, the episode seemed to show that a blackout means looters and fighting. Why? Especially when it wasn't even dark in some cities.

There were some great and inventive fighting scenes in this episode with 3, in particular, standing out: Daisy and Robbie outside the metro, the hotel scene and the EMP scene. The EMP scene was especially cool as not only did we see a slowed down version of Yo-Yo's powers, but we also only had lighting when the EMP went off every two seconds, making for some psychedelic action with the camera jumping from person to person each time the lights went out. The hotel and metro scenes were also really well choreographed, using the Inhuman's powers to nice effect but not overusing them and even Fitz got in on the action in the hotel. The many consequences of Daisy using her powers to save Gabriel also throw in some ethical questions about what would've been best for her to do.

The Watchdogs were behind the 'Inhuman' attacks then, which were meant to turn the public away from the Inhumans, allowing the Watchdog's to eradicate them. They've definitely become more capable since we last saw them, what with the EMP and being able to track Inhumans, so it will be interesting to see how this has come about (hints at Senate involvement makes it all the more exciting). I've got to say though if you are going for the stealth approach and don't want to get recognised as Watchdogs then having a tattoo on your wrist of the Watchdog's symbol is only marginally better than having a mask on. Become untraceable!

May's storyline is the last thing I'm going to talk about in this review and it was a thrilling one. After realising that the people infected by the 'ghosts' will die after a certain amount of time, Simmons and Radcliffe have to set about trying to cure May before she dies from her own fears. To do this they have to... Kill her. And bring her back so as to reset her brain and slow its hyperactivity. All's fine and dandy (in relative terms) until the power cuts out. Yes, in a nice little link to the rest of the episode's stories, the city gets struck by an EMP device, stopping Simmons from being able to restart May's heart. That is until Aida's 'heart' is used as a power source. Overall, a gripping little piece of drama from start to finish, escalated by great performances from all involved.

Conclusion: overall, another great addition to series 4, which is shaping up to be a great one. It's also good to see all the arcs starting to come together now.

Rating: 80%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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