Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions Version 4.0

Well, what a year eh? If you base this year just on the news, it's not been the best, has it? You could say that's been reflected by the blog and YouTube channel, with a dip in content due to exams, and other commitments, however, both the blog and YouTube channel are growing and that's all due to you guys, the readers and our incredible writers, including some guest ones this year. The year has also seen us reach over 80,000 views on the blog, over 27,000 views on the YouTube channel, more reviews than ever, including the launch of our TV reviews and even a new layout to the blog (resolution completed).

Features for the coming year is as follows (subject to change):
More game reviews and app reviews
More top 5's and opinion posts
More regular scheduling
More YouTube videos (including the fabled finished playthrough)
Even more, great content!

What you can do to help:
More comments!
More sharing!
More liking the Facebook page
More following on Twitter
More ideas for what you want to see!

So all I have to say is thank you to everyone for making this hobby worthwhile and welcoming the content with open arms for nearly 4 years!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a brilliant 2017!
Satamer and the rest of the team.

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