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TV Review No. 29 Marvel: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Absolution (S3, Ep21)

Strong Points:
Great tension
Good use of the memory machine from Season 1 and overall great scene
Brett Dalton does it again...
...as does Iain De Caestecker - trapped room scene
Nice moment between Fitz and Simmons
Great action
Twists and turns
The addiction idea
Hot potato with the cross

Weak Points:
Daisy's actions didn't feel completely earned
Some bits of humour, while good on their own, were a bit at ends with the serious nature of the scenes
Secure base, still not secure hanger
Lots of people on base but the only people who seem to be able to survive are the main characters, while some of the extras are seemingly better equipped and trained

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:
So here we are, the penultimate episode of the 3rd season of AoS. And it's a good one with throwbacks, plausible explanations and great acting all round. We opened with a race against time to find Hive and the warhead before it goes off, infecting millions of people with an Inhuman gene, turning them over to hive. We had it all, the Zephyr One flying in the water to avoid detection, frantic callings of nuclear codes, camera and mo-cap wizardry and... Fitz making faces at a camera to check it all works. Now, I get that it was meant to be both practical and humorous, and it was both of these things, but looking back it was a bit at ends with the serious nature of the scene.

Lincoln's out of the cube/prison/Deus Ex Machina device, Daisy's in. And feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing too, although there's also another explanation, one which I find quite cool. You see, Hive's powers aren't mind-control, instead, he floods the Inhumans brain with dopamine, making them addicted to him. Lash removed this parasite from Daisy, causing her to now have withdrawal symptoms. This idea of addiction makes Daisy's actions of deep regret and frustration with herself more believable because due to the normal stakes of AoS, nearly killing someone doesn't normally lead on to what Daisy's experiencing.

The memory machine from season 1 is back and put to really good use this episode, with it being set up to trap Hive, exposing him to all the memories of his past inhabitants (or at least the three we know about) and causing him to have a bit of a breakdown as memories flooded his head. Congrats to the camera crew and Brett Dalton for this scene, successfully showing an overloaded brain which leaves Hive senseless, only able to mutter words from the past (a great spot-the-quote quiz for old AoS fans)

Another great scene was the trapped room scene with Fitz and red-shirt 1-4. After lockdown, the Fitz was just finishing checks for the hangar which still hasn't been fully fixed and so can't be locked down completely, the workers see some boxes which had been delivered, supposedly parts which were needed to fix the aforementioned hanger. Of course, it actually turned out to be some of the conversion weapon and redshirt 1 and 2 get turned into Inhumans. More red shirts follow into the gas and we are met with a scenario where Fitz may be next. Thanks to some quick thinking and an almost mind-reading level interaction between Fitz and Simmons however, they manage to overwrite the lockdown on that door and escape. Phew. Although this scene did strike up the issue of just how
many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents there are and how many are just expendable.

Oh, look! Daisy's gone to face Hive and... She wants to be taken back? Oh dear... And that's where we ended this episode - Hive and Daisy have escaped, there are agents on the loose who are being controlled by Hive and Fitzsimmons have booked a holiday together.

Conclusion: overall, this was a great episode full of twists, turns, action and emotion and with us Ascending to the final episode next time, it will be interesting to see whether it will take us to new heights or just bomb out.

Rating: 88%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S. this cross is making for a really interesting game of hot potato as we know whoever has the cross will die via Daisy's vision. So far Yoyo, Mack and Fitz have had it.

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