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TV Review No. 28 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Emancipation (S3, Ep20)

Strong Points:
Good Civil War references
Fitting tribute to Peggy
Watchdogs are back
Good ending to [redacted]
Talbot freaking out about Hive
Nice makeup and costumes
Lincoln's storyline was actually good this episode!

Weak Points:
[redacted] has slightly confusing powers
[redacted]'s death while fitting, seemed a bit at ends with the greatness of their character
No 'call in the Avengers line'?

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:
This episode just made me want to have a decent MCU film and TV show cross over (due to the amount of references from it that appeared). Or at least a mention of Coulson in the films (Captain America asks him to sign his cards or something like that) because it might be too much to ask for all the Avengers to come in to beat Hive - which isn't even thought of in the episode, which is odd as it's something which is normally poked fun of (a la Antman).

The main point of the episode however, was not Civl War based, but instead focussed on Hive and his 'creations' -  primitive, swayed Inhumans made from the knocked out bodies of Watchdogs members. Lovely. It was nice seeing the Watchdogs back though even and while I'd have liked to have seen 8 or so new Inhumans with new powers, the dead eyed, lumbering freaks (primitives sorry ) do have a creepy appeal to them (kudos to the make-up team).

Talking about freaking out from Inhumans, we had a great reaction from Talbot this episode as he finally learns about Hive. Besides saying they should bring in the military (not a solution to everything you know), his remark of 'you know this is all crazy?' was a great reminder at how ridiculous the situation is. Talbot's main role this episode was to act as a bridge between the film and the TV series via the Civil War Sokovia Accords which are now slowly increasing from putting restrictions on the Avengers to putting restrictions on every powered person. It will be interesting to see if this 'list' will come into play again, but as Coulson said 'they'd tried putting everyone on a list before and that didn't work'. By the way, no mention of Talbot's Inhuman child which was a bit of a shame.

Lincoln's storyline was good this episode! I know! Quite unbelievable. The twist was also good and one I didn't see coming - I actually thought Lincoln had just decided to leave everyone, he definitely looked like he wanted to. I also liked May and Lincoln working together, as they're characters haven't really gelled together before now.

We all knew Lash was going to have something to do with Hive as soon as Lincoln mentioned that each Inhuman is made for a purpose. And it really looked like he would actually kill Hive, then... He stopped, unmind-controlled Daisy and proceeded to get stabbed in the back by Hellfire. Now, I get why Lash had to die then, I mean, we still have two episodes left, but for such a powerful character, to just die like that was a tad anticlimatic.

Lash's powers are also a bit confusing in that, before, he had no control over his rage and just killed any Inhuman. Now, he is able to stop hurting Hive and is able to save Daisy. Yes, that was Andrew inside of Lash. Yes, that might have been his purpose. But it does seem a bit at ends with the character from the beginning of the series.

One last thing for this review, then I have to gear up for the 2-part finale. Daisy's back now thankfully - it would've been odd to have killed her off as one of Hive's members. Congrats to the make-up team for Daisy as well this episode, as they made her sufficiently pale to show the amount of blood that she lost to make these other Inhumans.

Conclusion: good episode and we are so close to Absolution now, I wonder what will happen? Only the future (and that Inhuman) can tell.

Rating: 79%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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