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E3 2016: Bethesda

Coming into this conference, rumours had already been flying about of Skyrim Remastered and more info on Dishonored 2 so it was nice to see some surprises in the E3, namely the announcement of Prey (which I think should be called Good Morning Morgan) and Fallout in VR. There was more where that came from though and here's a round-up to read at your pleasure:
P.S. that console line opening, though!

Quake Champions:
New competitive, arena-style FPS for all skill levels for PC. Will be running at high-end graphics, 120 Hz and unlocked framerates. More competitive tournaments and leagues to go in hand with Champions, again, for all skill levels. More information in Quake Con in August.

Opening CGI cutscene showcased the fast-paced Quake gameplay we all know and love although due to it being a story driven trailer, not a gameplay one, I won't say that any gameplay seen was representation of the game. That smoke blue-haired girl was interesting, though, as were the rest of the characters shown and I look forward to seeing what else they can bring to this behemoth of a franchise. As long as they don't do what they did to Doom's multiplayer to Quake's single-player (if it gets it).

Favourite moment of trailer:
The blue haired girls hair turning into smoke
The guns

The Elder Scrolls: Legends:
Single player and multiplayer modes with a campaign which includes an actual storyline and characters. The story is told from the perspective of a Moth Priest named Kellen. Branching choices give you more depth in the storyline as you travel The Elder Scrolls world in a way not seen before. There are two lanes in the battlefield and the choices also affect gameplay, with the game allowing you to choose what cards to improve or add to your decks. Legends will be coming to PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Android tablets/phones later this year.

Public Beta Test signup at - beta codes will be given out via email

I love card games such as Hearthstone and given this is similar but with Elder Scrolls characters, I'm 'patiently' waiting for a go! A card game with an actual story is never a bad thing too and something I think Blizzard hasn't fully appreciated, given Hearthstone and Overwatch's great characters but little story, so it may be a way to get Bethesda a nice little USP. We were actually shown the opening cinematic of the game but sadly, the clip cut out during the stream. The actual game board looks nice, with plenty of detailed backgrounds and cards although I'm not sure about the card shape as they look more like stickers than cards but that's just me nitpicking.

Favourite Moment:
The owl's eye showing events of the past

Fallout 4 DLC:
Elevators, weapon racks, track kits, sorting machines and conveyor belts are all coming to Fallout 4. Out June 2016

Build your own vault and experiment on Dwellers in a similar style to Fallout Shelter, just bigger. Out July 2016

Enter the Nuka-World theme park with its own unique story and even become a raider! Out August 2016

Ah, Fallout thou just likes to use up my time. While I don't personally own Fallout 4 (yet) as I'm still playing Fallout 3, these new DLC's are sorely tempting. I love the idea of settlement building and conveyor belts and sorting machines are just my cup of tea and the Vault-Tec seems an interesting way to add even more hours into the game.

Favourite Moments:
Another classic use of earlier 20th-century music to create a rather unsettling atmosphere
Conveyor belts and sorting machines are always awesome!

Fallout Shelter:
The new update will include: the ability to send Dwellers on quests, explore new locations, battle new enemies, an all-new combat system which sees you aim the weapons to attack specific people, meet new characters and finally the ability to play on PC! Coming July 2016

When I first picked up Fallout Shelter last E3 I saw a good idea marred by Bethesda's first attempt at a mobile game. Since then I've had reports of much improvement over the slightly repetitive and 'no-goal' game I played, with the inclusion of crafting etc. and this update seems to improve it further. A PC version is definitely welcome as well, and should allow us to appreciate the game more. Now, if only they would increase the Vault-Dweller cap!

Favourite Moments:
Seeing the Super-Duper Mart
Seeing the PC version

Skyrim: Special Edition:
Updated graphics including remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections and new snow and water shaders. You can also now play mods on consoles, and you can also rate mods out of 5 stars and favourite them

... ... ... 'Guys I think Satamer's fainted'...

Favourite Moments:
Hearing the opening theme tune again
Seeing the difference in graphics from old to new gen
Hearing that anyone who has all the DLC/Legendary edition on PC can upgrade to this edition for free!

A first-person immersive, psychological thriller where you seem to wake up in the same day over and over again with only a blood-shot eye telling you that something is happening. If these are the graphics of the game (which I'm not sure they are) Arkane Studios seem to have finally cracked video-game liquids with that coffee looking great. You seem to be doing tests involving some sort of dark shadow creature and the emphasis seems to be on the psychological side of horror. Your character also seems to be the protagonist and antagonist of the game.

You awake on Teles-1, a unique space station, in the year 2032 and you are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever. Something goes wrong and an alien threat pops up, who promptly try to hunt you down. You have your wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities at your disposal to try and uncover the truth of the space station and your past.

Available next year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. More information at Quakecon.

Seems very similar to Portal and Hal-Life in terms of atmosphere and 'humour' with just a bit of Bioshock thrown in. Sign me up

Favourite Moments:
Unsettling blood-shotting of the eye
The coffee graphics
Good Morning Morgan

New SnapMap updates for free including Hell visual themes, new props, objects, weapons and items as well as new logic options and functionality including the ability to create new singleplayer experiences with features such as the weapon wheel and numbers flying off enemies when you hit them.

Multiplayer: July will see the release of two new modes: a Doom variant of 1-flag CTF called Exodus and a multi-zone, capture and hold mode called Sector. Later this summer will see three new free-for-all modes join the fray including Classic Deathmatch. All modes will be free to all players and available in all existing and future maps.

July will also see the release of the first premium map pack, Unto The Evil, which contains three new multiplayer maps: Cataclysm, Offering and Ritual, as well as a new Demon, called The Harvester, a new gun, equipment item, armour sets, taunts and more.

A free demo of the first level was also available on PS4, Xbox One and PC but only for E3 week.

After hearing about the free demo, I picked it up and got to say, thoroughly enjoyed myself. The action and gore were spot on, the graphics beautiful and difficulty just right and one I am able to, I'll definitely be picking the game up. I know some of the complaints of Doom were to do with multiplayer so it's great to see that they're updating it, even if it's taking them months to release Deathmatch, a mode I thought would've been in from the start.

Favourite Moment:
Seeing the new options for SnapMap

The Elder Scrolls Online:
Japan gets the game June 23rd. Dark Brotherhood is now on consoles as well as PC with a dark storyline and repeatable quests and the story is located in the Cold Coast of Cyrodiil. One Tamerial: all characters can go anywhere, at any time, (except Coldharbour if you haven't reached the quest yet), with no level restrictions. You will be automatically scaled to the enemies level with upgraded health, mana, stamina etc. allowing you to venture to places you may not have have been ready for before, allowing new players to join friends in higher level guilds. Skills and gear aren't scaled though so there is still some point in levelling up. One Tamerial will be released in Autumn.

Fine, I'll load the game back up... Seriously, though, the games come an awfully long way from getting me stuck under a bridge for two hours at launch and while it may not be right to just forgive it after that dreadful launch I do wish it many more years of quality expansions to come.

Favourite Moments:
578 Million Mudcrabs killed
Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me...

Bethesda VR:
Doom 4 and Fallout 4 will be released in VR. Fallout 4 VR will be released on the HTC Vive platform in 2017

Bethesda really likes to part me with my cash don't they? Fallout 4 is a great title for VR and I think Doom will be great... In small doses... With a sick bucket by your side.

Dishonored 2:
The big game of the conference. The Empire of the Isles, a rich, Victorian-esque fantasy world with the distinct Dishonored art style and inside the Empire of the Isles is Karnataka, the jewel of the south, where most of the game will be placed (the start and end are back in Dunwall. A custom game engine (The Void Engine) was created to support Dishonored's level design and art style - 'a painting in motion'. Interruptible real-time narrative scenes are here and the audio and lighting have been looked at in-depth to help with stealth and atmosphere. Care has been taken to make the AI's paths and actions believable and backstory has been created for everything.

Having started the original game a year ago but never getting round to finishing it (I was trying to do an all stealth, no death run-through which I've realised is too difficult and will be opting for 2 separate run-throughs instead to get the achievements), it's looking likely that I'll pick the game up again after seeing this trailer as well as Dishonored 2 when it comes out. The attention to detail, care of the game world and powers are all amazing and intricate - stealth games, in general, have really started to open up to everyone, of all skill levels, which can only be a good thing.

Favourite Moments:
Mmmm. Blood Flies
The variety of powers

Dishonored 2 Pt.2:
Set 15 years after the first game, you play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano (from the first game), each with their own unique set of powers (Corvo has the same ones from the last game), which can be upgraded with a new skill tree. Corvo is now demasked and fully voiced (as is Emily) and Emily is empress, although someone wants to change all that. Someone, unworldly. Each mission is about a different theme, or take on one, making them all different to each other and for each player. Verticality is in the game much more than in the original and dynamic weather means that a storm can suddenly appear. Many of the security devices in the game are powered by the wind, so turning off a windmill can turn off the security devices connected to it. Any mission choice will be reflected later on in the end-games so choosing to side with different people will alter the game's story.

Some of Emily's powers:
Far Reach - allows you to teleport to a location as well as pull objects and enemies towards you
Mesmerize: lures enemies into a stupor where they can't see you or remember you were there
Domino: whatever happens to one enemy, happens to them all
Shadow Walk: turns you into a shadow, allowing you to traverse surfaces without being scene and dispatch enemies easily

Another mission shown took place in a ruined manor where your powers don't work but time behaves strangely. Given a device to use, you can look into and travel between the past and the present, using it to get through obstacles a la Oracle of Ages but also move around and avoid enemies from the past, via the future.

The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11th, 2016 with collector's edition available, complete with its own Corvo mask and a version of Emily's mask. If you pre-order any version of the game, you will get Dishonored: Definitive Edition for free, for a limited time.

The different options to complete a mission are staggering in number but also seem to be (mostly) intuitive. It was quite funny seeing the trailer for a mainly stealth game go all guns blazing, though.

Favourite Moments:
Storm coming in suddenly
Time travel looking device - really effective as it doesn't take up the entire screen

Thanks for reading my round-up of Bethesda's E3 conference, comment your favourite game or highlight down below. If I missed anything also comment down below.


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