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Video Game Character of the Month - May 2016 - The Chosen Undead - Dark Souls

Video Game Character of the Month
May 2016
The Chosen Undead
Dark Souls
Quickly! To Ward 3! Is that? Is that The Chosen Undead? It is, the modern miracle himself. The man who can survive death itself but has an insatiable thirst for it. Tell us your secret!
The Chosen Undead: ....
Not much of a talker ey? 
That's all right, where we're going, we don't need words. Welcome to the Video Game Character of the Month! 

And now some more information on The Chosen Undead: 

A silent type
Different people see different faces, clothes and sometimes a completely different gender and origin!
A knight/warrior/wanderer/thief/bandit/hunter/sorcerer/pyromancer/cleric/deprived person
Presumed to be a descendant of the Furtive Pygmy
Chosen to undertake the pilgrimage to ring the Bells of Awakening, signalling the end of the Age of Fire
Doesn't have to and can instead help continue the Age of Fire
Dies a lot
Keeps coming back
Can die from falling, poison, stab wounds, bludgeoned, arrows, fire and more!
Can have their humanity restored but lose it again if they die
Live in the world of Lordran
Travels back in time to the ancient real of Oolacile sometimes
Can use many weapons and magic
Collects the souls of their dead enemies to upgrade themselves
Never pauses to restock
Likes to rest at bonfires
Probably just wants a hug

Origin of The Chosen Undead:
As stated previously, The Chosen Undead was chosen to go on a journey, fraught with danger. I've heard many different accounts of what they look like, everyone seems to have their own idea. Everyone does say this though. He/she is definitely a silent type and relentless in their ideals. 

Evolution of The Chosen Undead:
Throughout their journey, The Chosen Undead changes equipment and armour often, learns new spells and sometimes even gains a little humanity. Only the best gear is chosen to help The Chosen Undead fulfil their quest.

Dark Souls: released (Japan) on September 22nd, 2011/(North America) on October 4th, 2011/(Australia) on October 6th, 2011/(Europe) on October 6th, 2011 on Playstation 3/Xbox 360/(Australia) on August 23rd, 2012/(North America/Europe) on August 24th, 2012/(Japan) on October 25th, 2012 on PC

Well that's it for The Chosen Undead but, as always, if I've missed something out or made a mistake then please don't hesitate to comment! Or if you want a specific character to win the award then please comment as well!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.


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