Friday, 20 May 2016

TV Review No. 25 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Team (S3, Ep 17)

Strong Points:
Secret Warriors are back!
Twists and turns
Malick [redacted]
Good acting for the most part

Weak Points:
Seemed a bit rushed
Some peoples reactions didn't quite add up
Shame to see another Inhuman go
The more Inhuman they are, the quicker it all breaks down
Killing was a bit extreme right?
Malick [redacted]

In-depth Review:
More misdirection in this episode as we realise that Hive controls Inhuman's like a parasite, bending them to his will. How did we come by this information? Joey killed Medusa Man of course, which both worked to build Joey's character as he struggled to deal with it but also seemed a bit at ends with his character and stopped Medusa Man from being alive.

The question however, was who did Hive infect? Well, here's where it gets confusing as any of the Inhumans could've been infected, they wouldn't know and if someone asked them and they were infected then Hive could just stop them. So a bit of careful observation was needed. And what I mean by careful observation I mean don't trust anyone, act suspiciously and carry loaded guns around (not Icers might I add which was a bit odd)

Let's be honest, none of the Secret Warriors team really helped themselves be trusted by everyone else did they? I mean, Joey kept walking off, Lincoln kept getting angry and Yo-Yo kept asking questions. Not the best way to keep suspicions off themselves was it? Of course, it ended up being Lincoln Daisy in a nice little twist. It will be interesting to see Chloe Bennet and Brett Dalton (Daisy and Ward/Hive) act together again but as slightly different characters as what they were originally.

In other news, the show made me pity Malick. MALICK. I mean, he was really evil, killing anyone who stood in his way and they made me pity him. That's just not nice. Got to hand it to Powers Booth though, as he has really improved over the course of the season. Of course, then they had to kill him, finally fulfilling the prophecy from two episodes ago but it was nice to see an end to the character.

Fitzsimmons are also back this episode and are finally going to try out a relationship. I think they've really gotten these two characters emotions and relationship just right and while I have a sinking feeling that something's going to go wrong sooner rather than later, it's nice to see some happiness in the series. Especially after Lincoln's anger fit.

Conclusion: overall, it was a good episode with plenty of twists and turns although it did feel like they had the end in sight to begin with and had to add things in to make it all work.

Rating: 78%

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