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Review No. 119 Counter Strike: Global Offensive - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Can run on lower quality hardware - low system requirements
Requires teamwork
Multiple game modes - all help you improve your competitive play
More realistic and skill based weapons systems (less spray-and-pray)
Regular updates

Weak Points:
Steep learning curve
Some teammates/opponents are irritating (not the game’s fault)
People solo-queue to get in to matches
Valve can mess the game up sometimes

In-Depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: August 21st 2012

WASD to move
Mouse to look
CTRL to crouch
Left click to shoot
Right click weapon exclusive action (burst fire on the Glock-18 and FAMAS, fanning the R8 Revolver, un/silencing the USP-S and the M4A1-S and scoping in on the mostly sniper rifles such as the SSG 08, SG 553, Aug, AWP, SCAR 20 and the G3SG1)
Shift to walk
Tab to bring up scoreboard
E to defuse the bomb
B to open the buy menu
R to reload
1 to switch to primary
2 to switch to pistol
3 to switch to knife
4 to cycle through grenades
5 to switch to the bomb (if you have it)
Q to switch to last weapon
Z, X, C, V radio messages
F to inspect weapon
K to use in game voice comms
T to talk in team
Y to talk to everyone
Space to jump
Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter Strike franchise. The game consists of two teams, the Counter Terrorists (CT) and the Terrorists (T) in, generally, teams of 5. The game is based around competitive gameplay, rather than casual, but has the option to play casually if you so wish.

This installment in the series added new weapons and new graphics to the game, most notably the Molotov cocktail on T and the incendiary grenade on CT, new grenades used for blocking off entrances to sites or damaging players. The game also added cosmetic items, skins that you can get for each of the guns, and the various knifes you can uncase or buy off of the Steam Community Market.

The game itself has two main competitive modes. These are Bomb Scenario and Hostage Scenario with Bomb Scenario being the most popular and used in the competitive format more often. In Bomb Scenario the Terrorists either have to eliminate the enemy team or plant and defend the bomb. Counter Terrorists either have to eliminate the enemy team or defuse the planted bomb.

Since the release of the game, the community took an unexpected turn, creating an e-sports aspect to the game, with professional teams playing against each other in online games and LAN events. Since the release of the game, the community took an unexpected turn, creating an e-sports aspect to the game, with professional teams playing against eachother in online games and LAN events. This has created a passionate community of both players and viewers, with hundreds of thousands of views on Twitch streams of recent Counter Strike Majors.

One of the main features the game shows off is the ability to customize your loadout, with community-made finishes for each weapon and custom knives such as Butterfly Knives, Flip Knives, Karambits and more created by the game’s developers, which are available for purchase on the Steam Community Market and available to be opened in case rolls in game, where you can receive any of a list of items available. Prices range from £0.03 for some finishes up to around £7,000.00, for example the Factory New condition Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore.

This is a game that, like most Valve games, gets updated quite regularly. This adds new skins, operations (a series of missions to complete that earn you a nicer looking badge), maps and sometimes even weapons.  This is also used to balance any weapons that are over powered or under powered. This however can go wrong, and it semi regularly does, with underpowered weapons, like the Tec-9, getting small tweaks turning them into an overpowered weapons. Valve seems to have a love for shaking the game up with nerfs and buffs, like one week the Aug was the best weapon, or the R8 Revolver or the auto-snipers. This however does get fixed quickly (with the exception being the 6 months the CZ75-Auto which was a super strong weapon for quite a long time)

Conclusion: overall, this game is fun and rewarding if you can stomach the steep learning curve and sometimes toxic community. Although if you do get into the game you can play for many, many hours.

Rating: 82%

Thanks for reading, Matt (strong points, weak points and most of the in-depth review)
Martin (some of the in-depth review)
Satamer (conclusion and formatting)

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