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TV Review No. 19 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Bouncing Back (S2, Ep11)

Strong Points:
Cool new Inhumans
Brett Dalton (Ward) did good at changing his acting style to fit his new host
Ward's character has an interesting ability, which could make his power believable
Good action sequences
Talbots back
References to the first season
Gideon and Coulson's phone call
Interesting opening sequences

Weak Points:
Back at it with cutting through handcuffs with a random thing
Hunter's Inhuman joke could've actually been used to fuel a sub-plot

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:
And we're back! The return of AoS was a good one that's for sure and it introduced many things that fans wanted. New Inhumans? Check. A worthwhile bad guy? Check. References to the first season? Check. More cutting through handcuffs? *sigh* Check.

We start this episode off with a spaceship for some reason. And is that... Yep, that's blood floating there. And a cross and... It's exploded. Oh dear. Maybe it will buff out? We'll have to wait and see as this actually happens 3 months in the future. Hinting at the wider MCU maybe?

Anyway, the main story focussed around Elena Rodriguez, an Inhuman with slingshot powers (she can travel as far as she wants in 1 heartbeat, then gets sling-shotted back to her original position) which is awesome, and her involvement with a conspiracy in Columbia. What was nice about this episode, is at the beginning, I thought she was a bad guy and by the end my opinions had shifted completely as she only wants to do good (the police were actually the bad guys).

Another Inhuman showed his face as well, although not his eyes. You see, he's the MCU version of Medusa, allowing him to paralyse people by looking at them. By the end of the episode, however, his glasses ended up being melded onto his face by Joey and that, coupled with the pairing of Rodriguez and Daisy (Rodriguez would disarm the enemies and Daisy would knock them out) hints at some great fight scenes to come between Inhumans and I can't wait to see what powers they introduce next.

Hunter and Bobbi could've been the next ones as well, as we found out that Hunter had taken some fish oil (Bobbi was tempted) to see if he was Inhuman. While it ended up just being a joke, the idea of the team finding out they had powers could've been cool and I'm wondering if Bobbi actually does but hasn't taken some yet or even has taken some fish oil, has powers and is keeping it secret from everyone.

In other news, Coulson finally had a chat with Gideon over a secret phone, tracking where the phone signal bounced off, allowing Coulson to force Gideon to close lots of business, costing him billions. But he still has more of course. To get this information, Von Strucker was placed in the machine from season 1, that unlocks memories inside the subconscious. This, coupled with General Talbot becoming acting leader of the ATCU was a nice throwback to season 1.

We finish off this episode with the parasitical God that is 'not-quite-dead Ward but not Ward'. Brett Dalton does an excellent job at differentiating his new character with Ward, using a slow and deep tone of voice, showing experience and a purpose unlike the energetic and charismatic Ward. Both are terrifying in their own way and this new Inhumans powers of becoming a sand like substances is interesting and hints at how they could make this Inhuman as powerful as he is - takes the form of others etc.

Conclusion: great episode overall, and I can't wait for the show to catch up to the 3 months later section, so we can find out who the person in the spaceship is. Also, we have to mention Simmon's and Fitz's reconciliation. It looks like everyone is now working together again.

Rating: 80%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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