Wednesday, 6 April 2016

App Review No. 100 My Study Plan

Strong Points:
Easy to set up
Easy to readjust for changes in schedule
Easy to set up tests
Sets up schedule according to tests coming up, percentage of focus per subject etc.

Weak Points:
Make one change and it resets the study plan
Some bugs for editing subjects/times
Statisics could've been with the subjects list
Can't change your times too much - can only go up in quarters

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 15th February, 2011

Touch menus to input/change subject/time

Ah GCSE's how we love you. As tests begin next month (*gasp*) I was trying to find a revision session planner to help me plan out my procrastination revision. My friend told me about My Study Plan, an app on the iPhone that allows you to input your subjects, the percentage of your time you want to dedicate to it (a lot on maths then), how long you want to spend per day (recommended is 4 hours a week) and your availability blocks (I just did one big one). 

It then builds a revision schedule for you, which you can edit at your leisure (if more tests/events come up). You can also edit the amount of time you have spent on each subject and add or take away subjects depending on what you did that day. Mine mostly consists of science and maths but if we have revision sessions for business studies etc. I can input that. 

There is also a statistics page to show how many hours you have done of one subject and how much you need to do to reach your target which is nice, although it is on the home page so I forget about it normally. It would be nice if for each day a total is at the bottom. Also timings can only go up in quarters, so if you do 20 minutes then you can either choose to use the 15 minutes button or go for the extra 10.

Finally, there are a couple of bugs when editing times and subjects - you have to press done each time otherwise the times and subject changes aren't saved sometimes. Also, if you change one thing on the subject/availability/percentage pages then the revision schedule updates itself, removing all your previous alterations which is frustrating as it suddenly looks like you've done nothing.

Conclusion: overall My Study Plan is a nice little app to keep track of your revision. Would've been nice to have a game included though!

Rating: 60%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S: share your revision apps and techniques for all the struggling students!


  1. A game included? So you could procrastinate even more?!