Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Comment: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Speedster Trophy

For the past two three days, I set myself the challenge of getting the Speedster trophy for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (beat the final boss in under 15 hours), while also getting the Unchanging Armour trophy (can't change equipment) and the Undefeated Trophy (no continues).

Day 1: I beat right up to just after Chernabog in the End of the World on the first day at just over 7 hours which isn't too bad (especially as it normally takes me 30+ hours) as I lost quite a lot of time on Deep Jungle (got the puzzles confused) and Hollow Bastion (twice the amount of time as on the other worlds). I also got a tad confused 'with which world when' as I had to skip the cutscenes so some back tracking was in order!

Day 2: this has mostly consisted of death of my part. After a promising start of beating the Behemoth and seemingly endless hoards of heartless to unlock the portal. Next up was Ansem, Darkside, Ansem II and Ansem III. Now remember, we can't use a continue so if I die then I have to do them all again. That happened. A lot. Never died from the Darkside though so there's that. After some emergency training in Hollow Bastion (an extra 1/2 hour on the clock), are we ready to beat this game?

Day 3: apparently not as it actually took me 3 days to beat. Finally, after two more tries, I beat Ansem and the World of Chaos and saw the Speedster trophy pop up. Of course, just to make me really anxious, the next two don't pop up until after the end credits (I had actually pressed continue/the equipment screen before but then reset the PS3 so I wasn't sure if it was OK). Thankfully they popped up and we were done! 8hrs, 29 minutes (not sure how long extra the final boss took but it doesn't count it on the save. Now to 100% the game!

Overall though not too bad for my first playthrough in nearly 2 years and it's gotten me pumped for KH3!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S. post your speedrun times in the comments below

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