Saturday, 21 November 2015

PC Building: Week 12 - Benchmarking

It's been 11 months since I officially started this project on my DofE blog, but I realised that I never got around to testing my PC! Here are the benchmark statistics from it:

I used a program called Sandra by SiSoftware to obtain these results:

Arithmetic: 89.65 GOPS
Multi-Media: 185.35 MPix/s
Cryptography: 6.112 GB/s
Financial Analysis: 15.37 kOPT/s
Scientific Analysis: 15.78 GFLOPS
.NET Arithmetic: 24.79 GOPS

Memory Bandwidth: 15.488 GB/s
Cache & Memory Latency: 30.6ns

Bandwidth: 447.491 MB/s
I/O: 6972.8 IOPS

GP Processing: 296.84 MPix/s
GP Financial Analysis: 576.03 kOPT/s
GP Scientific Analysis: 244.10 GFLOPS
GP Bandwidth: 30.978 GB/s

Overall Score: 15.13 kPT

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